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Onto the final release of the weekend and I have just finished watching the Malayalam film Nayattu on Netflix. Over the many years I have seen several hard hitting films be it Visaranai or Asuran to name a few. There have also be plenty of cop films, so many from Bollywood itself that I have grown up watching. So when this cop film, the latest offering from the Malayalam Film Industry came up, there was a sense of excitement in me. The industry which is known to take risks is returning to the tried and tested path? Or are they trying to present something new. All my answers lay in the movie and for you it will be in this review, so stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

Nayattu follows the story of three cops on the run following an accident which is veiled off as a crime amidst the backdrop of state elections. If this one line does not excite you to watch the film, little things would! The story is thrilling,  hard hitting and by the end of it thought provoking. The screenplay sets off slowly bringing the audience abreast with the storm which is to follow. In this period, you are acquainted with many characters that have little to do with what is going to follow. Before the storm, there is this one incident that will hold your attention. It was almost like the writers demanding your attention after the initial phase. And once that accident takes place, the story shifts gears and you as an audience are on the go with them and rooting for them too. The thrill kicks in so well that even in moments of calm there is palpable tension that is lurking around the corner, such is the magic of the screenplay. This continues right until the last 20 minutes where a twist in the tale will leave you gutted. And from that point till the end, you will be seething with anger and also left pondering about the state of affairs that maybe too close to reality. This screenplay is a masterpiece!

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are impactful as is the case in all Malayalam movies. The music blends well with the drama. In other cases, the songs would stem the flow of the drama, but here the songs are carefully woven in the screenplay. The BGM is pulsating and adds a whole new layer to the drama. Director Martin Prakkat who is also the director of the Malayalam film Charlie is in tremendous form here. He has a slow buildup then laters gathers pace and culminates into a staggering impactful climax. Distinction marks here!


The performances are so brilliant. Yama Gilgamesh as Anuradha makes her presence felt. All other characters do their justice well but the show belongs to the three protagonists. Nimisha Sajayan as Sunitha is wonderfully restrained here. She is so brilliant that her silence does a bulk of the talking for her. Joju George as Maniyappan is excellent. A towering personality that also brings vulnerability to his character, simply outstanding. Kunchacko Boban as Praveen is once again brilliant. As compared to his peers, he is slightly underrated but just observe his eyes here especially towards the end. They will tell you a story about what a brilliant performer he truely is!


Nayattu is probably the best crime thriller of 2021 that will leave you numb and force you to ponder over what was. The Malayalam film industry has outdone itself yet again. Available on Netflix and Highly Highly Highly Recommended.

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