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Starting today, there is going to be a new review that you will get everyday till the end of the month. While July began with a whimper with not many new releases, it is surely ending with a bang! And we will have a wide spread of reviews to cater to your taste. So please bookmark our site! And with that I have just finished watching the new Telugu film Narappa on Amazon Prime which is an official remake of the hard hitting Tamil Film Asuran. Now, I am not a fan of remakes, one of the reasons being that it is vulnerable to conparison with the original and also while watching the remake, you will know exactly how the screenplay would unfold. That said, the one remake this year that had worked for me was Maara a remake of the Malayalam film Charlie. So then does Narappa impress, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

An official remake of the Tamil film Asuran, Narappa follows the story of a villager who must go to any length to protect his family following a tragedy. The original story is intact here and it is extremely hard hitting. The screenplay is faithful to the original too which means the soul of the movie is intact. This is good news as the makers do not tinker with the original screenplay which was powerful. While I had watched Asuran, I did not really get bored with this one. Yeah, the execution was not as sharp as Asuran here but such is the powerful screenplay that all of its flaws is covered up here! But having said that, if you have watched the original Asuran and because you will be familiar to the twists and turns which the screenplay provides, you might be slightly bored too. But overall, a good attempt at sticking to the original work.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are well penned though the original was more hard hitting. The music is really good with a pulsating BGM that enhances several scenes particular at the halfway mark and the final climax scene. The action sequences are nicely executed and give you a high too. Director Srikanth Addala has done a good job here. Ofcourse his craft does not match the genius of Vetrimaran, he does not experiment much here or change anything that isn’t broken. And it is this virtue that goes in his favour. The direction is pretty good.


The performances are pretty good too. Nasser shines in a cameo as Shankarayya. Abhirami as Kanamma oozes with innocence and has done a good job. Karthik Rathnam is a firebrand in a small role as Munikanna. Priyamani as Sundaramma makes her presence felt too. She is excellent in some of the emotional scenes. Venkatesh Daggubati as Narappa is outstanding in a role originally essayed by Dhanush. He beautifully portrays the pain in his eyes and also excels in some brutal action sequences. He definitely looked his part and performed it brilliantly.


Narappa is a faithful and hard-hitting remake of Asuran. Available on Amazon Prime.

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