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Namaste Wahala 2020 Romantic Comedy English Movie Review

Namaste Wahala

Sneha Bhat
2 Star popcorn reviewss


Ever since I started reading books by Chamananda Adichie, I have been fascinated with Nigeria and everything about it. The culture, the tribes, the traditional dresses, the food, everything! So, I guess Netflix somehow picked up on my obsession and suggested me a Nollywood movie. And not just any Nollywood movie, but a crossover with our very own Bollywood. I was over the moon and just could not wait to get started with the movie. Namaste Wahala is a movie set in the locales of very Cosmo looking city of Lagos in Nigeria. The movie is directed, produced and written by Hamisha Daryani Ahuja who also stars in the movie in a small but important role.

Story & Screenplay

Story follows your typical boy meets girl, a quick song and dance to cement the relationship and then quickly moving on to the parental disagreement. At a lot of instances, I felt I am watching two states, only in this case it was two countries. The story follows a predictable arc, but they do have a minor storyline embedded to keep that suspense and masala going. I do wish they tried and give a more streamlined approach to the story rather than the same old same old. For example, it would have been great to make the protagonists meet in a normal way and progress their relationship. And not have them collide on a beach and have that love that first sight.


This being an ensemble – there are a lot of actors. For the most part the performances are okay, although I did find them to be a little over the top at some instances. Ruslaan Mumtaz was restrained throughout, I also liked the actor who plays his roommate/friend.


The movie seems to be made in hurry, is predictable with a lot of clichés. However, it is fun at moments and gives a good insight into Nigerian culture. I especially loved the last wedding song where they showed a nice intermixing of the Nigerian and Indian culture by food. I would say, give this a watch, its light on your mind and an easy breezy watch. It’s perfect for those post brunch watch on a Sunday afternoon before your siesta.

Disclaimer: The above review solely illustrates the views of the writer.

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