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Right, another packed weekend is coming up where we will again have to stretch ourselves in covering new releases across the boardroom. And what is more is the new releases begin today and I have just finished watching the new Hindi Series Nakaab on MX Player. I happened to watch the trailer and to my shock this seemed to be starkly close to the Sushant Singh Rajput case where the police question is the death of the starlet was a murder, suicide or an accident. So then the million dollar question, Is the series worth your valuable time, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

Nakaab follows the story of investigation behind the death of a starlet. And yes indeed this seemed to be eerily similar to the SSR case. We all know how sentiments were stirred up by the media in almost sending everyone in a state of frenzy not to mention the mad hussle in sensationalizing a case by conducting media trials. But coming back to the review – the story does promise with an interesting premise to begin with but it soon nosedives and how! The screenplay is a complete borefest. While the antics of the media are shown along with an investigation, it just seemed so childish. The writing seemed to have run thin right after the initial sequence. So all that happened after that was going around in circles without any remote engagement to the viewer. And there are some senseless love making scenes added that don’t really justify their inclusion. I usually look for positives but I seriously didn’t find any redemption here. After a point, you just go through the motions patiently waiting for the 8 episode long series to end. There are no real twists and turns that are shocking and the grand reveal is so bad that it was as if the plot did unfold exactly how you had predicted at the very beginning. And yes, this is fiction! This has no real similarity to the SSR case except the initial premise. The writing is a hot mess here, very shallow with weak characters making it a 4 hour yawn fest!

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are corny in parts and probably an endless narration on the subject of life. When an investigation is on, the last thing you want to hear is about life lessons that have no impact on you as a person or on the screenplay. The BGM does nothing to elevate the screenplay. Director Soumik Sen misses the mark by a mile. The lesser said about the direction the better.


The performances are pretty average. Mallika Sherawat as Zohra returning after a long hiatus is just about average. Gautam Rode as Pawan is not bad, he is very bad. Just no effort or energy in his dialogue deliver. Probably his acting does its bit to put you to bed(and saying this with a very heavy hard, I don’t like being this harsh but it is what it is). Esha Gupta as Aditi is underwhelming. She had a meaty part but she is just not able to hit the right notes. A word on the supporting actors – this is probably the worst lot I have seen this entire year. Horrible Acting to put it in a good way! I won’t name anyone else as it may be detrimental to their careers but you get the gist.


Nakaab is a torturous watch and a four hour snooze fest. Despite all this, if you still wish to watch it then it is available on MX Player.

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