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My Mister 2018 Korean Netflix Series Review

My Mister

Sana Patel
4.5 Star popcorn reviewss


It is the story of Hoon Brothers and Lee Ji-an, a girl broken beyond repair. The 3 middle aged brothers are struggling in their respective lives. They are weighed down by the atrocities and brutality of life. Lee Ji-an (IU) a young girl; born on the wrong side, has a pretty messy and hard life. She has creditors chasing her and no real family for support. She is not educated enough and works 3 part time jobs to cover her rent and pay for her grandmother’s health care.

Park Dong-Hoon ( Lee Sun –kyun) appears to be a perfect son, brother, husband and a father but is broken inside with the expectations and weight put on him in the current world that he resides. The fact that he is very well qualified and more deserving than his counterparts and still stuck at a low-level job in the hierarchy after been cheated by his friend and still been kind, considerate and humble tells a lot about his character.

On the other side Lee Ji-an is a cold person. She does all things possible to keep herself alive even If they are unlawful. She has become inhuman due to the things she faced so early on in her life. She is quite, but manipulative; a good observer and therefore threatens Park Dong-Hoon for her survival. Both of them who have been cheated, humiliated and used in life by others have such different approach towards life and each other to the extend that your heart aches for them. The helplessness and misery that these characters feel get you bawling.

My Mister is captivating on so many levels. The three brothers in the story, share an unbreakable bond that is constantly tested, mostly when they violate each other’s boundaries. The story will draw you in instantly and make you feel for them.


This series got me crying, laughing, feeling frustrated and annoyed all at the same time.

Casting/ Screenplay/ Direction/ Music/ Writing

The Characters are so well written that the realities of these people scare you. The actors are extremely well casted, you feel for them instantly. The screenplay is top notch. It reminds us of our own neighborhood and makes us question our beliefs and integrity. Kudos to the director for been able to pull out such convincing performances from actors with such complexities. The families, neighborhood and frustrations of a common man are extremely well portrayed. The soul of this show is its writing and music. The story is so epic yet grounded at all levels, full credit to the writer. The score is slow and soulful throughout and very well synced with their situation.

It has only one season like most K dramas with 16 episodes of 60 minutes approx. It has won many awards and one of the highest rated drama globally.

Stop whatever you are doing and go watch this drama to feel emotions that you probably have never felt before for fiction characters.

Disclaimer: The above review solely illustrates the views of the writer.

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