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My Love from the Star 2013 Romantic Comedy Series Review

Love From The Star

Sana Patel
3.5 Star popcorn reviewss


The korean series tells the story of an alien named Do Min – joon ( kim Soo – hyun) who lands on earth during the Joseon dynasty in the early 16th century. Due to unavoidable circumstances he is unable to go back to his planet and is left behind. Even though he is from another planet he looks like any other human. Fast forward 400 years he is still stuck on earth and hasn’t aged a bit. He has learned to live life like a human and is still hopeful to return to his planet. In present, he bumps into Cheon Song – Yi ( Jun Ji – hyun) the most popular actress of South Korea. Things get interesting when he discovers that she probably is the same girl whose life he saved 400 years ago.


Cheon Song is haughty and often comes across as dumb. She is often trolled on social media for been clueless and self absorbed. Do Min’s story of survival the past 400 years and the heartbreak that happened centuries ago is still fresh due to which he dislikes humans.

Do Min starts living next door to Cheon Song and at all circumstances avoids befriending her as he is expecting to leave earth very soon to ensure his survival. If he doesn’t return to his planet in the next 3 months he may die.

Things take an interesting turn when Cheon Song is accused of murdering her arch rival. Do Min discovers that Cheon Song is the same girl whose life he saved a decade ago using his special powers and resembles to the girl he loved 400 hundred years ago; who was brutally murdered.

Cheon Song has different dynamics with all relations in her life; be it her greedy mother, irresponsible brother, jealous best friend or childhood friend who is in love with her. She is often misunderstood by others which pushes her towards loveless and lonely life. Her relationship with Do Min is a treat to watch. She is extremely comical and sarcastic which makes this serious plot a fun.


An interesting relationship between a 400 year old alien who needs to return to his planet in order to survive and a lonely superstar actress who cannot let go. This series is a visual treat. It has amazing use of VFX and seamless transition between present and the past. Extremely gripping story line with lot of comical situations. The chemistry of the lead pair and drama revolving around it makes it super binge worthy.

Direction/ Cast/Music

Director Jang Tae – yoo is known to make historic dramas. In this series he also dons the hat of production director. He has done a praiseworthy job in both these roles. It is quite a task to do justice to this kind of story and keep the transition seamless. The production of this show is extremely grand; from the costumes to the set design all of it is well researched and executed. The casting of this show is so perfect that the lead pair of this show became overnight sensation and took the industry by storm with their portrayal. They gained millions of fans across globe making this show one of the biggest hits of Korea.

Disclaimer: The above review solely illustrates the views of the writer.

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