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So, last night after a hard day’s work I decided to watch Gujarati movie, Golkeri on Amazon Prime. Now, you must be thinking,  wrong movie review(or hash tag)? No. It is the right one. While watching the movie at the very beginning, my screen read, inspired from the Marathi movie, Muramba. I stopped the movie immediately and switched platforms. I am not a fan of remakes and I would rather visit them only after watching the original. And so I began watching Muramba on Netflix. Is it worth your time….lets find out.

Muramba is a story of Alok and Indu who have recently had a breakup and how Alok’s parents help to get them back together. The premise is very simple. The screenplay though one dimensional is so well written that at no point do you feel weighed in. It is as light as breezy as standing on a beach on a hot summer day! And it showcases the difference between old school romance and the new one yet highlighting the fact that at the end of the day Love is just Love and if you understand and nurture it, it won’t leave you by its side! The dialogues are hilarious(yes this is a comedy) and at times relatable too(like that is how I talk to my mom or dad). Director Varun Narvekar has done a swell job in keeping the proceedings light and frothy!

Chinnayi Sumit as Aai is such a sweet character, just like my mumma and she has acted so so well. Sachin Khedekar as Baba is a heart warming and endearing character who is a friend first to his son and then his father. And such an excellent performance, can’t emphasize enough! Mithila Palkar as Indu looks super cute and we all know she is a fine actress and here to she has done full justice to her role. Amey Wagh(do you remember seeing his in the excellent web series, Asur?) is a natural onscreen with an enormous screen presence. Even in his finale scene he is within his control(and never goes over board) in a heart warming scene.

Muramba is an excellent watch, just the kind of feel good film you would want to watch this quarantine season, well because in all probability this ain’t getting over anytime soon! Available on Netflix and Highly Recommended!

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