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We have seen a plethora of movies made on sports. Bollywood and sports has always been one of the favourite formulas of success for filmmakers. Off late movies like Dangal and Sultan have worked wonders at the box office. So I have watched Mukkabaaz directed by one of my personal favourite filmmakers of this country, Anurag Kashyap. Is it just another movie on boxing…..lets find out.

Mukkabaaz based on true events, follows the story of Shravan Kumar Singh who has a ‘passion’ for boxing and likes to be referred to ‘Uttar Pradesh ka Mike Tyson’. He soon falls in love with Sunaina and thus begins the conflict! If you feel the story is similar to ‘Sultan’; then you are definitely mistaken. The story is much more than sports and extremely relevant to today’s times(not revealing much here!). The screenplay is largely consistent and quite enjoyable. The dialogues are bang on point with quite a few one liners which pack a punch. The action sequences(especially the ones in the ring) seem quite real. Director Anurag Kashyap adds another feather to his cap with this gem. Honestly, he tried to be greedy in packing too many things and most of which have worked here in a wonderfully layered narrative! Full marks to his direction(not being biased here!).

Zoya Hussein in her acting debut as Sunaina, looks charming and has done a wonderful job. Ravi Kishan as the coach is superbly restrained. Jimmy Shergill is terrifying as Bhagwandas. But the film rests on the ‘strong’; shoulders of Vineet Kumar Singh who excels as Shravan Kumar Singh. The amount of dedication put in for this role really shows onscreen. Wishing to see more of him in times to come. All other performances have been terrific.

Mukkabaaz, on the whole, packs a punch and also is extremely relevant to its times. Such movies are not made everyday in Bollywood, so when it is you better watch it and appreciate it. It is a crime to miss out on such movies!!

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