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Welcome Home

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Sony Liv has been one of the most impressive OTT platforms in recent times. There was a time when there wern’t too many buyers for it but 2020 has not only seen a revival of sorts but it is fast emerging as a top competitor in the OTT circuit. With shows like Avrodh, Your Honor, Undekhi and the latest blockbuster Scam 1992, and movies like Ramsingh Charlie, Bhosale and Kadakh, this OTT platform is here to stay. And this week, it brings to us another one of its high concept films, Welcome Home. The promotions were low key to be honest, but effective nonetheless with the trailer beginning with a disclaimer – Enter only if you are 18 and above. While the trailer didn’t reveal much, it generated the right amount of curiosity in it, what is it about really? And more importantly, is it worth it? Stay tuned!

Welcome Home is the story of two women who visit a home to account for the Census. And this is just a lull before the storm. This is all I can reveal. The story though not entirely novel is very good and relevant. The elements of horror are sufficiently present here, something that was missing in last week’s release Kaali Khuhi. The screenplay is penned such that it is raw and absolutely not for children or the faint-hearted. There are many instances of gore and body horror that will leave you gasping for breath. You might even find yourself looking away at times. There is reasonable buildup in the first hour but once the cat is out of the bag, it is edge of the seat stuff. And the social issues that it raises really gives you goosebumps. On the flip side, a little backstory of the perpetrators would have helped the drama a bit. I was really interested in how this had started and what went through their minds. The dialogues are decent. The BGM really sets your pulse racing. There are a few technical flaws but I am willing to look beyond them. Director Pushkar Mahabal has done an astonishingly good job here. His direction is absolutely in your face and there is no respite from the gore!

The performances comprising of majorly unknown faces are a treat to watch. Siddhesh Wanikar as Naru impresses in a cameo. Akshita Arora as Leela as an interesting character and she really does a wonderful job here. Tina Bhatia as Prerna has very little dialogues to play with, yet she really impresses by nailing her expressions. Boloram Das as Bhola, a character who is creepy from the onset and a character that will make you cringe and angry and you will end up hating him. And for that he deserves distinction marks! Shashi Bhushan as Ghanshyam has not a single dialogue, yet he is intimidating to the core, a job well done. Swarda Thigle as Neha is aptly cast and the pain that she goes through is evident through her flawless performance. Kashmira Irani as Anuja is the star of the show for me. You have seen her in smaller parts earlier but here she has shouldered the responsibility of a meaty character and played it to the T. I really wish to see more of her in such meatier roles in the future, and a shoutout to the filmmakers(if they are reading) to give these bunch of supremely talented actors a chance in their budding projects.

Welcome Home is dark, raw and gritty, not meant for the faint hearted. It is brutal to the core and terrifyingly brilliant. One of the best horror thrillers of the year. Available on Sony Liv and Highly Highly Recommended! Another winner from Sony Liv!

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