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Oh Boy! Oh Boy! I have been a fan of Hrithik Roshan ever since my childhood. Right from imitating his dance moves to idolising him, have grown up. Over the years, the fan in me has subsided but right when the trailer of War was out, the fan boy in me woke up. A throwback of the 90s showdown between Sanjay Dutt and Jackie Shroff, War has a face off between The Greek God Hrithik Roshan and his protege Tiger Shroff. Massive expectations, but does it live up to it…lets find out.

War follows the story of intelligence officer Kabir who has gone rogue. Enter his protege, Khalid, to track him down. I can probably think of a dozen movies with a same story…nothing new with the storyline. The screenplay is a bit disjointed and relies heavily on the action to make it work. While the first hour is a decent setup, things get better in the second half till the big and shocking reveal. From there on, the film enters the action mode, though a good 10 mins could have been trimmed out(in the climax). The dialogues are appropriate. The music is peppy(though it slackens the pace of the drama) backed by an enthralling background score. The action is the strongest pillar of the movie packed with plenty of ‘oooohss and ahhhhs’ moments. Siddharth Anand who last directed the Hrithik starrer, Bang Bang, blows hot and cold here. Few moments of brilliance is backed by few moments of mediocrity.

Anupriya Goenka looks pretty but has very little to do. Same with Vaani Kapoor who appears only in the second half. Ashutosh Rana has his measured sense of intensity. Tiger Shroff can dance. Check. Tiger Shroff can fight. Double Check. Can Tiger Shroff act? Well he has definitely improved on his acting skills but dialogue deliver needs to be improved. But he excels in his role that requires him to fight and dance. And then it is that man, Hrithik Roshan, who even at the age of 44 years looks like a million bucks. And his acting, dancing, action sequences leaves you gasping for breath. The man had previously done Super 30 a few months back, just shows his class here(not to mention versatility).

War is a decent watch backed by two alpha males dancing like a dream together and beating the pulp out of each other while displaying their perfect biceps and perfectly chiselled bodies. And I am reserving one whole star for them! Watch it in a theatre near you till the ‘Bang Bang’ lasts!

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