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So there is a new short film that has just released today on Eros Now, Unkahee. I have been a fan of closed room dramas and thrillers. The kind of dynamics that such stories bring to the table is different from the ones in other genres. Who can forget the iconic SAW franchise or even the Hollywood flicks 12 Angry Men or Devil. Ok enough said, this short is in this genre. Does it keep you hooked, stay tuned!

Unkahee is the story of six suspects been interrogated, one of whom is a serial killer who has killed 12 girls in 11 months. Will the real killer be unmasked? The story is definitely intriguing. The screenplay, as mentioned before, is a closed room thriller, relying on conversations and theories which the main characters use to get to the bottom of the mystery. The execution is very good here, also tackling interesting social topics(like Homosexuality or Cross Dressing). Just a couple of demerits are that because this is a short film, you don’t have the clarity on the background of the characters. Probably a full length feature film or a web series would have been interesting. Also, the finale where the big reveal happens as things unravel is a little hurried, so the impact is a little less. But all in all a good outing for the writer. Director Anushree Mehta has done a good job with this thriller. The logics in place are interesting to watch which attributes to good direction!

Ayushmaan Saxena as Krish is good though his character has very little to do. Pooja Sharma as the journalist sets the ball rolling in the opening scene. Ashoke Pandit as Shergill is decent. Ravi Khemu as Deepak is pretty good. Sehban Azim as Santosh(last seen in the short Soul Sathi) is fabulous and just nails the Haryanvi accent. Ashein Mushran is an underrated actor and as Roshan he really shines here. Hiten Tejwani as Abhimanyu is pleasing to the eye and is in full control here. And my favourite Anupriya Goenka is the pick of the lot here as Tia. She is outstanding and confident.

Unkahee is a good crime thriller that will keep you hooked throughout. Available on Eros Now!

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