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One of the reasons that I started writing reviews initially was to give smaller films and their filmmakers a voice by which many would go and watch their films. And the best thing to happen in that regard was the OTT platforms where the smaller films could directly release instead of a theatrical one. And so today, I managed to watch The Lift Boy on Netflix. Is it worth your time.. lets find out.

The Lift Boy is the story of a young boy doing his engineering, who has to fill in as a lift boy in place of his father who is hospitalized. The story is heart warming and endearing. The screenplay is extremely breezy and in most places something that I could relate too especially the subject Engineering Drawing during my engineering days! The conflicts that Raju faces is similar to what I had gone through that makes the movie all the more delectable. Also, the movie beautifully captures on of the beautiful parts of the city of Mumbai and one of my favourites, Bandra! Just the vibe is so refreshing. The dialogues are the ones we use in our daily lives. Director Jonathan Augustin has done a commendable job of handling the subject by keeping it breezy and never weighing you down.

Aneesha Shah is pleasing to the eye as Princess. Saagar Kale as Krishna would remind everyone of their own fathers, very good acting right there! Nyla Masood so beautifully portrays her character of Maureen D’Souza. We all wish for one such person to guide us in our lives. Moin Khan as Raju is a natural, so endearing and yet vulnerable. All performances of others are first rate!

The Lift Boy springs in a pleasant surprise and is a gem of sorts coming from Netflix. You gotta give it a short for it is relatable, heart warming and will leave you with a lump in your throat yet with a smile on your face at the very end! Available on Netflix and highly recommended!