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On Sundays I usually give two reviews but aaj bore ho raha tha, so sorry about that. I also felt I was getting repetitive with reviewing movies from the South. Make no mistake, they are still brilliant and it is just that I decided to give some break at least for this weekend. And so I have watched one movie last night but not reviewed it(may review it later). So today I decided to expand my reviews by venturing into Punjabi Cinema. And so, I watched Sufna, an old school romance of sorts. Is it worth your time…stay tuned. 

Set in a small village in Punjab, Sufna is the story of Jeet and Teg who are in love till Teg motivates Jeet to study(something which she hasn’t been able to)and get a decent job for himself. Simple story, no novelty. But it is the screenplay that is filled with some heart warming moments. The writers are in control when they focus on the love story(which so easily could have been cliched, yet it isn’t) but they falter with the subplots and some (un)funny sequences which were not required. I even had minor issues with a few patriarchal actions in the movie(men hitting women) which could have been avoided here. But the romance part is really done well and portrayed with finesse which makes up for its flaws. The dialogues are decent. Usually, I do not endorse songs in the narrative but here I really did not mind them, because the music is soulful and fantastic(a few brownie points for sure here). Director Jagdeep Sidhu handles the romance part of the story very well but could have done without the subplots which could have in turn reduced the length of the film too. 

Seena Kaushal is effective as Teg’s aunt. Jagjeet Sandhu as Tarsem is a stark different from his role in Paatal Lok yet he is as effective. A few jokes land due to his innocence that he portrays. Tania as Teg is so beautiful, you just can’t keep your eyes off her. Also, she is the pick of the actors for me and does such a good job. Each emotion on point! Ammy Virk has done a swell job as Jeet and also conveys his emotions impeccably through his eyes. Really looking forward to his performance in the Ranveer Singh starrer 1983! 

Sufna is a nice and light movie that you can leisurely watch on a Sunday. Just some old school romance with some good music will not hurt you on a weekend when half of the world is quarantined! Available on Amazon Prime!

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