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It is raining serial killer movies this quarantine season. But who is complaining? My favourite genre, you know it, everyone knows it, just that it should be well done. After Anjaam Pathiraa and Mrs Serial Killer, I happened to watch Psycho, a Tamil Serial Killer flick. The beginning of the movie said and I quote, ” A Tribute To Alfred Hitchcock”. Yes, the 1960 movie was a classic, is this anywhere near it.. lets find out.

Psycho is the story of a serial killer(of course) who kidnaps young women and eventually chops their head off. One day, a young women goes missing and her blind boyfriend along with a physically challenged officer set out to look for her. Are they successful? Another winner of a concept! The makers go all out with the screenplay, not even a little remorse is shown in the brutal killings. It could really give you nightmares! And the end is a poetic justice in many ways! However, the screenplay does lag in a few places, certain scenes could have been done away or rushed. Music is decent. Director Myshkin(who is also the writer of Super Deluxe, Highly Recommended) has done a good job with the proceedings. He does go all out and that is really what sets this movie apart.

Nithya Menon(you might remember her from Mission Mangal) is outstanding. Her body language and her fiery attitude really add some flavour to the movie. Aditi Rao Hyderi looks like a doll and she is fantastic. Her silence is where she really excels and that is where you really sympathise with her character. The debutant Rajkumar who plays the serial killer looks dashing and my god does his performance send a shiver down your spine. Udhayanidhi Stalin who plays the blind man is really convincing and is absolutely first rate with his performance.

Psycho might not be close to its 1960 Namesake, but is still brutal and spine chilling and totally worth your time. The drama is tense and more often than not you will find yourself at the edge of your seat. Available on Netflix!

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