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We are finally into the new year 2021,and have finally seen the last of the year 2020 that was! An extremely tough year for survival and here is hoping 2021 is better. But one good thing about 2020 was the launch of popcorn reviewss – the site. Through this venture, we all have become a family that is still going strong. We have already seen our share of lows but your love has motivated us to pick ourselves up. And here is wishing a happy and prosperous 2021 from all of us at popcorn reviewss. And the first blank page of the year is filled by the review of Nail Polish on Zee5. Is it worth your time, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

Nail Polish is the story of Veer who is accused of brutally raping and killing a few children. The court proceedings are headed in only one direction till a twist turns the case on its head. The story is weirdly twisted and extremely engrossing. The screenplay has this simmering tension throughout especially during the courtroom scenes. What is the best part is that it doesn’t provide any comic relief and the proceedings are to the point. And there is a massive twist midway that catches you unaware – a twist that could bring about drawing room discussions. It has the potential of playing with your mind! The writers have a solid grip on the proceedings throughout culminating into a subtle yet outstanding finale. There are a few scenes of gore that may not be for the faint hearted! On the downside, the scenes of the personal life of the judge and lawyer didn’t really add up at the end.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are simplistic devoid of any drama which works in its favour. Silence is excellently used as the BGM during the courtroom scenes that enhances the impact. The music is decent. Director Bugs Bhargava Krishna who last directed Barot House is once again outstanding. He doesn’t hold back and constantly pushes the dark side of human nature.


Rushad Rana as Yashpal shines in a cameo, so does Sameer Dharmadhikari. Madhoo Singh as Shobha is good though her part really didn’t add anything to the screenplay other than adding to the length. Rajit Kapur as Judge Bhushan has delivered a very dignified performance. A special mention of Samreen Kaur as Charu who looks so pretty and has such a charming presence onscreen. Anand Tiwari(who directed last year’s hit series Bandish Bandits) as Amit Kumar is terrific. Arjun Rampal as Sid is wonderfully restrained. The role really suited his demeanor and personality and these are the roles that he should take up often. The star of the show is undoubtedly Manav Kaul as Veer Singh. He has little to do in the beginning which made me question his choice of role. But I was so wrong. The man had the best role all along and he absolutely nails it in this acting master class. It really has made me happy seeing him in such a prolific role!


Nail Polish has set the tone possibly for the year 2021. It is weirdly twisted, dark and compelling throughout. Zee5 is off to a flying start this year, Nail Polish is Highly Highly Recommended!