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Lets bring in a dark comedy this quarantine season shall we? I have to confess I am having a ball discovering and reviewing gems from the South. But having said that I usually skip watching comedies in another language with subtitles simply because there is a risk of many jokes being lost in translation. But, I decided to watch this Telugu flick which happens to be a dark comedy…does it tickle my funny bone, lets find out.

Mathu Vadarala is a story of a delivery boy who in trying to ‘pocket’ some money gets trapped in a rather odd situation. The story totally justifies the genre and by the way this is a murder mystery too. That is the beauty of such films, they pack in so much that you get a bit of other genres too. The screenplay is very well written with a good dosage of humour and thrill and with plenty of twists and turns. However, the pre climax and climax does drop a notch(only relatively) though the end really cracks you up. Taut screenplay of just over 2 hours. The dialogues(translated) are super funny. Director Ritesh Rana has done a phenomenal job with the drama, engaging the viewers throughout.

In the interest of the story, I will not be revealing anything about the characters besides the lead. Vennela Kishore is good. Naresh Agastya is also excellent. Athulya Chandra is first rate. Satya is for me the pick of the actors who adds a lot of the funny element in the story. Sri Simha Koduri as the delivery boy is fantastic!

Mathu Vadarala is another excellent (dope) watch from the Telugu industry. People who appreciate movies like Delhi Belly, KalaKaandi and Blackmail among others will love it! Available on Amazon Prime and Absolutely Recommended!

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