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love Mocktail

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The second one in the regional category. Once again from the Kannada Industry who is fast becoming my favorite. They say a person falls in love many times before finding his one true love. How often have we seen people on tinder and other dating apps. But the conventional way of falling in love is slowly fading in oblivion. Love Mocktail deals with this subject of a person in a quest to find his one true love in the generation that we grew up in. Is it worth your time….lets find out.

Love Mocktail is the story of Aadi who over the years tries to find his true love, does he succeed? Or does destiny have other plans. The beauty of the movies down south is that it has such a simple premise but the screenplay and execution is on point. And Love Mocktail is no different. The story is simple but it is the screenplay that keeps you invested. Now, this is a comedy as well and more often than not I do skip the regional comedies as they get lost in translation. But, Love Mocktail is an exception. In many scenes, I was actually laughing my lungs out. The comedy here is universally appealing! The drama slows down and gets a little heavy in the second hour(especially towards the end) but still it does keep you invested. The dialogues(again subtitles) are pretty good and kudos to the that has translated the lines in English. Spot on! The strongest point of the movie is the soundtrack and the Background music. Each and every song stands out. Director Darling Krishna(who doubles up as the main lead too and yes folks that is his screen name) has done a commendable job with the drama!

Once again excellent performances. Abhilaash as Vijay has his moments to shine and the one guy you would always want as your friend. Khushi Achar as Sushma is good too. Amrutha Iyengar is one little dynamite and stupendous as Jo. Milana Nagaraj(you may have seen her in Charlie) looks so cute and her performance steals your heart particularly towards the end. And Darling Krishna the main lead shines in the acting department too. His comic timing is impeccable!

On the whole, Love Mocktail is a right mix of love, comedy and its byproducts. Another movie nailed by the Kannada Industry in terms of its story telling style! At almost 2.5 hrs, there hardly is a dull moment. Available on Amazon Prime(the hub of Indian content) and Recommended!

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