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London Confidential

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This weekend with the IPL kicking off, cricket in the Indian circle will return much to the relief of everyone. And because this is a star studded event, there aren’t too many new releases this week. Dolly Kitty is the one and along with it is the new spy thriller on Zee5, London Confidential. Its trailer was extremely promising, not sure if this was a glitch but zee5 decided to upload it a little late in the day on 18th September, and hence a slight delay in this review. So, I am done watching, here are my views.

London Confidential is an espionage thriller about a Chinese Conspiracy about a potential pandemic doing the rounds and a possibility of a mole in the Indian agency. The story is quite thrilling. The screenplay standing at just 77 mins is taut and thrilling. It just doesn’t waste any time in a build up. What is its strength is also its weakness. A taut screenplay is a compromise for the lack of depth in the characters. So while you are on the move at all times, you do not get sufficient time to invest on the characters. The climax is predictable and if you watch closely, you will see the big reveal coming from a mile away. But it is the journey minus any side tracks which is fascinating and will keep you engrossed. Dialogues and BGM are good. Director Kanwal Sethi has done a fairly decent job here.

The performances are pretty good by all. Pravessh Rana as Azad returning after such a long time makes his present felt. So do Kiren Jogi and Jas Binag in their respective roles. Kulraj Randhawa as Nirupama is excellent and the pick of the actors for me. She really gets into the skin of her character and it was a pleasure watching her throughout. Purab Kohli as Arjun looks smart in a man bun and he is pretty good too even in the hand to hand combat sequences. Mouni Roy as Uma looks pretty and has done a fine job here.

London Confidential may not be in your James Bond kind of space but is thrilling nevertheless. The fast paced screenplay will keep you invested throughout. Available on Zee5.

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