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It has been three long months of isolation and no venturing out. I can’t even remember the last time I have stepped out for a movie or a party. Speaking of parties, the best kinds are the house parties. Now, if you have ever attended one, you know that it involves alot of chatter, interaction and noise(like in a good way). What could possibly go wrong unless there is a dead body in the house😏. So I have just finished watching, Kadakh on SonyLiv based on this theme, is it worth your time…lets find out.

Kadakh is the story of just a few words – A House Party. Friends and some unwanted guests. And A Dead Body. The story is delicious and makes for a compelling viewing. The screenplay plays around with alot of dark humor and successfully so. There is enough humor and thrill to keep you hooked and booked! So, you will find yourself shocked in the first 10 mins and further in the movie laughing hysterically! The dialogues are like the ones we use in our daily lives(or at house parties). Director Rajat Kapoor is a director that you associate with a different sort of cinema and he does an excellent job with the build up wherein the guests are unaware of the dead body. Yet, he never lets the humor drop.

The performances mainly drive the movie and it is an assemble cast that shines out here! Chandrchoor Rai as Raghav is hilarious in a cameo(don’t miss the scene when he gets shot). Kalki Koechlin as Fracoise Marie is excellent! Manoj Pahwa as Chachaji and Nupur Asthana as Paaro are first rate! Tara Sharma Saluja as Sheetal definitely has her moments to shine. Rajat Kapoor(yes, he has acted here too) is wonderfully restrained yet he nails the finale with his impeccable comic timing. Shruti Seth as Alka is also very good. Sagar Deshmukh as Joshi who actually wants everyone to call him Sagar is such a natural and outright hilarious. Cyrus Sahukar as Yogesh nails each scene with his witty one liners which are delivered with a poker face. Palomi Ghosh is an underrated actor and she brings in alot of depth to her character of Chhaya. Excellent acting! Mansi Multani as Maalti(you may have seen her in Pari) is simply superb, you should definitely see her range of expressions in the movie(especially at the end). Ranvir Shorey as Sunil is wonderful as usual and his dry sense of humor(in the film) absolutely wins the day!

Kadakh is slightly niche considering the brand of humor it caters to, however it is one crazy house party that you cannot afford to miss! Available on SonyLiv and highly recommended!

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