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I have being asked this question as to how I plan and discovery movies especially during lockdown. So besides the new releases which is a bit of a no brainer, I check on the list of movies at hand and their imdb rating. But imdb isn’t accurate, so usually I check the synopsis and if it intrigues me, then I definitely give it a go. So the cat is out of the bag(not rocket science eh?) Coming back to the review, I just finished watching a Malayalam movie of 2019, Helen. Is it worth your time, stick around😊

Helen is the story of, yes you guessed it, Helen who in a twisted series of events gets trapped in a blast freezer. So basically, it is a survival story? Well, yes but there are other elements too which makes it more than just a survival drama. The beautiful aspect of the screenplay is that it doesn’t get to the point right away. There is a good buildup in the first hour until the event that transpires. And this is why the screenplay is extremely well written because all the elements find its relevance in the second hour. All dots are joined and what you get is an intriguing watch. There are human relationships(especially the father-daughter bond) that elevates the drama. And in the end, you are left that wee bit teary eyed and also that feel good factor! The dialogues are pretty good. The music and BGM are excellent that just elevate the drama. Mathukutty Xavier really knows his job as the director and his direction is top notch.

Aju Varghese as Inspector Ratheesh is excellent and really brings out the essence of being shrewd to his character. Rony David as Jayashankar provides a bit of a comic relief especially in the climax. Noble Babu Thomas as Azhar is endearing. Lal as Helen’s father is excellent and it is his bond with his onscreen daughter that steals the show. Helen essayed by Anna Ben(Kumbalangi Nights, Highly Recommended) looks so charming with an infectious smile and when the role demands it, she gives it her all especially in the second hour. It is indeed painful to watch her go through the trauma and she deserves the highest praise for a towering act!

Helen is yet another winner from the Malayalam industry. A story that is emotional yet will leave you on the edge of your seats. Available on Amazon Prime and Highly Recommended!

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