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For people expecting my reviewing on Scam 1992 will have to wait for another day. The reason being the series is a little long and I soon realised that I was going to miss the Saturday evening deadline. But I needed to give you some content and so I had to juggle in between my watch to scout for some new content that could be watched and reviewed and that too quickly. So, I zeroed in on the 10 minute TTT short film released recently called Haba Goba on YouTube. Is it worth your time, lets find out.

Haba Goba is the story of a couple out on their first intimate date after they have met on tinder during lockdown. The story is a breathe of fresh air to be honest. The lockdown has weighed us down and it would take great amount of planning to “get intimate” in these times. Really a fresh take, this! The screenplay is nice and breezy and more importantly taut. The things that could happen when you visit your date’s house for the first time is quite relatable(don’t ask me why😂). The dialogues are the routine ones we use in our daily lives. The BGM also blends well with the drama. Director Viral Shah successfully manages to create this atmosphere of relatability here.

Primarily three actors on display here. Prerna Nahata as the other roomie does a good job. The show though belongs to Kush and Nandini(or was it Nondini) essayed by Tridha Choudhury and Ritwik Bhowmik both of whom you have seen in the web series Bandish Bandits. Ritwik just oozes of the awkward charm that makes him relatable whereas Tridha as the sweet and fiery girl with a layer of awkwardness underneath, fits perfectly in the drama.

Just a quick watch, Haba Goba is a relatable little film coming from a very ‘tiny’ yet special production house. Available on YouTube!

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