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This is probably the 4th movie in the serial killer genre that I will be reviewing this quarantine season. My staple diet I must say. Suddenly, there has been a boom in the genre in India and some pretty impressive ones are being made. And so I watched the Malayalam film, Forensic(Anjaam Pathiraa was so well made, do read its review too). Does Forensic make your pulse race….lets find out.

Forensic is the story of a serial killer on the loose that only targets children(particularly girls). As the victims get stacked up, an officer with her forensic team run against time to find the culprit. The story follows the template of the genre to the T. But it is the screenplay that is smashing and filled with twists and turns, many that cannot be guessed. This movie takes you to an area where you may not have imagined or watched onscreen(you will know when you watch it). The interval point throws in a massive twist! And if you think the big revelation halfway will spoil things in the second hour, then no there are more twists and turns. This is what I enjoy from the makers down south. They really know how to tell a story. On the downside though, the film slips in the last 15 minutes. A dramatic ending was just not called for after taut 120 minutes. This is where the movie is a bit undone(no not the revelation at the end but the sequence that transpires after that) but nevertheless it is the journey that is outstanding. The dialogues are good. The BGM is outstanding. Directors Anas Khan and Akhil Paul have done an excellent job in the direction department though the ending does go for a toss.

Giju John as Alphonse Kurian is wonderfully restrained. Reba Monica John as Shikha definitely has her moments to shine and she does a swell job. Mamta Mohandas as Rithika, the officer who leads the case is outstanding and I really wish to see more of her in the future. Tovino Thomas as Samuel, the forensic expert, is the heart of the film and his powering screen presence sucks you into the drama. It is with his character that you as an audience keep on guessing right till the end!

Forensic is another winner in the serial killer genre though not as good as Ratsasan or Anjaam Pathiraa. But there are plenty of twists and turns to keep you invested. Available on Netflix!

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