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We are finally at the final stages of the lockdown although we are not out of the woods yet with the danger of corona virus still looming large. But what this lockdown has done in terms of new content releasing is that due to the closure of the theatres a new player has emerged – The OTT platforms. So many new releases and so much content to choose from, I feel this player is going to stay. But this weekend saw an emergence of a new player, our very own TV sets wherein &Pictures had a direct to home release of a new film called Foot Fairy. Now, this movie will be out on Zee5 soon but I had a chance to watch it last night itself. This is a serial killer movie which is my bread and butter, is this movie a killer….stay tuned.

Foot Fairy is the story of a CBI officer investigating the murders in Mumbai where a serial killer is on the loose. And this killer slices the foot of his victims, hence the name Foot Fairy. The story is interesting like in all serial killer films. The point to note is no matter if the template is same, the fact that each of these stories give you a glimpse of the psychology of a killer is fascinating in itself. The screenplay is also water tight with one thing leading to another, it is the twist and turns that will keep you hooked, although I would have loved if the writers had gone a step further in trying to make the narrative a little more layered(like say more than one killer for eg). And that ending has the potential to be talked about for days to come. It was indeed a brave move and something that you don’t generally associate with a Hindi film(I will leave it there). The dialogues could have been a little more sharper. The music and BGM have a haunted feel to it that blends well with the drama. Director Kanishk Verma has done a great job keeping the viewers guessing till the very end. The best part is that the audience are always in sync with its main lead who is investigating, which really helps its cause.

The performances are excellent. Payal Thapa as Shakeen may not have a big role but she manages to draw attention and her acting is top notch. Sagarika Ghathe as Devika is outstanding in again a smaller role. Kunaal Roy Kapur as Joshua is the surprise package. Although he is in a cameo, his character will keep you on your toes. Ashish Pathode as Harsh lends good support to the lead. Gulshan Devaiah as Vivaan is a great yet underrated actor(and we all know that). Here, he definitely puts his best ‘foot’ forward. A character that required him to be soft-spoken yet firm, he definitely shines and how! Bollywood are you listening? We need more of him!

Foot Fairy is an immensely satisfying neo-noir psycho thriller. This will soon be out on Zee5 and be sure to watch it when it is out next!

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