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So this week was all about ‘Thappad’ and the kind of relevant noise that it made. But along with it released another movie, Doordarshan. Now, before I get to the review let me tell you that I had no intention of watching this movie and eventually when I did happen to watch it, I literally had zero expectations. However, I had watched its trailer on YouTube sometime back which seemed promising. But with no promotions whatsoever, is the movie worth your time…lets find out.

Doordarshan is a story set in modern day Delhi when a grandmother wakes up from coma, the family has to recreate the world if the 90s to ensure she doesn’t suffer a shock. And the twist being, the family has its own share of issues. The story and its premise is simple and sweet with an interesting concept of recreating the 90s. With me being a 90s kid, nostalgia is all that I asked for and I did get a fair share if it. The screenplay is decent but could have been penned better. However, you have a smile throughout the film and in a few places there are some laugh out loud moments too! The dialogues are witty and relatable. The music is alright. Director Gagan Puri does a fair job but somewhere the subject lacks in execution.

Dolly Ahluwalia as the grandmother is excellent. Aditya Kumar(also known as Perpendicular from Gangs Of Wasseypur) is hilarious as the lisping lover. Shardul Rana is first rate. Sumit Gulati has his moments to shine. Rajesh Sharma is superb as usual. Mahie Gill(watching her after ages) is first rate as the loud mouthed wife. Manu Rishi has impeccable comic timing(which we witnessed in last week’s release Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan) and it is on display here too. However, here he also delivers the emotion scenes with utmost conviction. Another day, another movie, another role, nailed!

Doordarshan is a small film with a big heart. Yes, it lacks in execution in places but small films require that kind of love and support! I am sure not many of you know about this movie nor have even heard of it. Me reviewing this movie is exactly for this purpose! The movie is a one time watch and will leave a smile on your face by the end of it! Give it a chance😊

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