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Vidyut Jammwal is probably the most underrated action star in our country. While there is not even an iota of doubt on his action sequences, one cannot help but think that he still hasn’t got his due yet. The man made an impressive debut with ‘Force’ but since then the opportunities have been few and far between. Years ago I watched the excellent ‘Commando’ which reaffirmed Vidyut in the action genre. Then came ‘Commando 2’ which was a bit of a train wreck(though he did excel there too)! This week, releases ‘Commando 3’, a franchise solely places on the broad shoulders of Vidyut, does the movie manage to deliver …or does it get shot down second time in a row…lets find out.

Commando 3(no relation to the earlier two films) follows the story of Karan who is brought in to save India from a ‘9/11’ type attack organised by an unknown entity. Yes, nothing novel in the plot for sure. The screenplay though far fetched at places and at most times predictable, is fast paced and doesn’t allow you time to think which actually keeps you invested in the drama. On the down side, it is laced with bouts of patriotism which could have been avoided and a slightly underwhelming climax which could have been a little more layered. Nevertheless, the end message is good and quite the need of the hour in today’s times! The dialogues are good though once again the theme of patriotism and desh bhakti is highlighted in bold(worked in places though to be honest and was met with a rousing applause amidst seetis and taalis)! The music is decent(and thankfully the film is devoid of songs that break the narrative). The background score is just bang on and boy does it heighten the drama! The cinematography is impressive too(especially in the action sequences). Aditya Dhar who has films like Table No. 21 to his credit and who has last directed the Sunny Leone biopic(web series), has done a commendable job here!

Adah Sharma looks pretty and boy can she kick some ass. Angira Dhar looks stunning onscreen and shows her prowess in some breathtaking hand to hand combats! Rajesh Tailaan and Virendra Saxena have very little to do. Sumeet Thakur is decent. Vidyut Jammwal in a stylish man bun, is once again outstanding. The man can literally sleep walk through such a role. At some places, I was awestruck by the ease with which he performed a few stunts. It was a Vidyut Jammwal show all the way! Or was it? To match him step to step was Gulshan Devaiah in one of the most chilling performances of the year. Last seen in a double role in ‘Mard Ko Dard Nahi Hota’, the man makes a complete U turn here, which just shows his range as an actor. He literally commands your attention in each scene and at times leaves you breathless sending chills down your spine! Wish he keeps getting some good work, such a fine actor!

I was NOT going to watch Commando 3 but accidently ended up watching it. Many critics have panned the movie. A few people might call me a film critic, but I am actually one among the audience and for me, Commando 3 does not disappoint. Yes, it is a bit far fetched having a predictable storyline but despite that, it does entertain you. And if a movie does so, due credit must be given! Also hope Bollywood makes good use of Vidyut and Gulshan in movies to come!

PS : When was the last time you heard seetis and taalis in a multiplex in a Non Salman Khan movie?

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