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Bombay Rose

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Yes the week has barely just begun and here we are already with our first review. As promised, this week has so many new releases to cater to, and we at popcorn reviewss are at your service! The one stop for all reviews which will help you watch the best and steer clear of the worst. And with that I have just finished watching Bombay Rose on Netflix. It is an animated movie, a genre which has barely found its feet back here at home. So is it worth your time, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

Set in the Bombay of the 70s, Bombay Rose is the story of a flower seller who falls in love with a man of her dreams. Will fate be on their side? The story is deftly melancholic and gently tugs the strings of your heart. The Bombay of the 70s is the soul of the film here. I was thoroughly impressed with the way the vibe of the city which was captured so well. There maybe little to no novelty in the story but the excellent screenplay is what wins you over. Standing at just about 90 minutes, the screenplay had to introduce you to the characters and build a world for you and eventually bring out a conclusion which by the way it does beautifully. The different emotions at play will ensure that you are completely hooked to the drama. With more than one subplots to play with, it could have become muddled. Yet, the writers manage to score and how! This is masterful storytelling!

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are beautifully penned. Some of the dialogues give you that sense of nostalgia too as you are transported into the city of dreams which then still had its charm intact. The music is the soul of the film too. I just enjoyed the use of the BGM and the correct choice of songs which perfectly blends with the drama. The best part was that none of the songs were remixed that just added a whole new layer to the drama. Director Gitanjali Rao(you might remember her from the movie October) has done just a terrific job here. She seems to know her strengths and she puts them out to the world for everyone to sit back and applaud!


While reading about the movie, I read that the animation was a frame by frame painting that took around 18 months to finish by 60 artists. Instantly a movie struck me called Loving Vincent which had achieved a similar feat. This is nothing short of phenomenal, something that the makers could be proud of their achievement!


Bombay Rose is gently melancholic and a huge leap in the animation genre of India. This is a gem you just cannot miss. Available on Netflix and Highly Highly Highly Recommended.