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It is another Friday, a weekend which was initially reserved for the biggest release of tge month, Family Man Season 2. But with the series being pushed to May(again tentative), I have had a chance to watch smaller films and review them. But before that, we at popcorn reviewss have introduced a new section – Popcorn Quickies for your on the run reviews. This is a special section wherein you will see only the rating for the movie. And mostly these will be our recommendations from The World around too! Ok now back to the review and I have just finished watching the short film Bittu on Youtibe. The short is officially shortlisted in the short film category at the Academy Awards(Oscars) this year. Is it worth your time, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

If you are familiar with the writing style of popcorncorn reviewss, for short films, we do not reveal the plot as it might just act as a spoiler. But the story will leave you numb! It breaks your heart all the more when you know that this is inspired from a true incident from 2013 in Bihar. The screenplay is genuinely a masterclass in writing. If you notice, the parts of the day(and night) are inculcated into the screenplay. So the opening sequence is shot in broad daylight, to depict that everything is normal on a bright and shining day. Cut to the end and the proceedings are pitch dark with shots of the night which signify a tragedy. In between what you get are some careless adults whose least of the problems are the kids at the school. The kids unaware of the consequences are carefree and innocent. The barrier is distinctly visible. It also deftly touches upon some of the other issues before going onto its main subplot. By the end of it, you are left numb!

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are minimal and in no way give any indication of how the story would eventually end. The use of music is minimal which acts to the eeriness of the drama, leading to empathy and shock! The cinematography is edgy and just perfect for a hard hitting drama. Director Karishma Dube has done a fantastic job. She relies more on the mood rather than the dialogues that definitely will allow the film to stay with you till the end.


Saurabh Saraswat as the Teacher is the only known face in this short and he leads a lasting impact. He plays the only character that actually cares for the kids, unaware of the consequences that would eventually turn his world and all the kids’ world around. The stars of the show as Rani Kumari as Bittu and Renu Kumari as Chand. The former is fiery confident and street smart, yet vulnerable and helpless as shown at the end. The latter is the face of empathy that will stay with you and haunt you long after the film is over.


Bittu is a modern day Masterpiece and one of the most hard hitting shorts that I have watched recently. Do not miss this one!  Available on Youtube and Highly Highly Highly Recommended!