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Quaratine season continues and this time the OTT platforms have not really released any new exciting content to binge on this long weekend. However, Zee5 has a new release Bamfaad, starring Aditya Rawal(son of legendary actor Paresh Rawal). I did watch the trailer a few days back and it said ‘Anurag Kashyap presents’. And almost instantly, I was excited to watch this one even though he hasn’t directed it. Is it worth your time….lets find out.

Set in Allahabad(now Prayagraj), Bamfaad is the story of a love story budding against the backdrop of chaos and politics. The story is decent. The screenplay is quite well penned in the first half but the fall begins in the second half(when the love story takes an Ishaqzaade mode) only to culminate in an insipid and mundane finale. The screenplay is water tight standing at just 101 minutes but it is the writing that falters. The finale that I was expecting was an explosive one but it undid all the build up of the 1st half. The dialogues are quite good. Music is decent. Director Ranjan Chandel has done a decent job though he falters in the second half and almost fails in the finale.

Jatin Sarda as Zahid is good. Vijay Varma is excellent as the local politician. Shalini Pandey(you might remember her as Preethi from the iconic Arjun Reddy) looks so pretty and has done a swell job. Her character has a certain sense of calmness amidst the chaos. And Aditya Rawal is a fire cracker onscreen. Definitely one to look out for in the future!

Bamfaad is a decent watch but honestly the ending does spoil things for me. If you are bored then do give this movie a chance.

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