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We are at Lunch on Day 1 of the WTC where it has been a balanced session between India and New Zealand. India started off brilliantly but then lost two quick wickets towards the end of the session. With the King and the Monk at the crease, anything is possible. And I have just enough time to squeeze in a review of the Telugu Film Mosagallu that I had watched last week on Amazon Prime. Very quickly now, is it worth your time, lets find out.

Story & Screenplay

Based on true events, Mosagallu follows the story of twins, a brother and a sister, who are involved in the largest scam in the IT Sector. The story definitely is well written and has a lot of potential to provide several nail biting moments. Sadly, the screenplay lacks execution and is a big letdown. While the first half is fast paced and has a few well written moments, the screenplay literally nosedives in the second hour. Instead of focussing on the scams which take place(the scam is just about scratched on the surface in the first hour), the second hour focusses on the brother sister relationship and the issues which they have between themselves. Also, there is an unnecessary love track that just lacks conviction. And another blunder that the makers do is dubbing Telugu dialogues on foreigners. I mean the scam as on them and hence they shpuld have retained their original voices. This for me was a ridiculous decision! The second hour faintly manages to impress towards the end but it is too little too late. The screenplay lacks the excitement and bite!

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are far too corny and cheesy for my liking. The music is alright, the BGM is pretty good. I did enjoy the cinematography in certain scenes too. Direction by Jeffrey Gee Chin is all over the place. It seems he was uncomfortable from the start and just didn’t find his rhythm at all. His direction is not really upto the mark.


The performances are decent. Mahima Makwana as Soha is pretty impressive and she oozes of innocence. Navdeep as Vijay is top notch. Ruhi Singh as Mohini has very little to do but she is pretty decent. I was the happiest to watch our Anna Suniel Shetty onscreen after so long. As ACP Kumar he is excellent but just wished he had a longer role. But he looks super fit even at this age! He definitely knows how to turn the clock around! Kajal Aggarwal as Anu is alright. I expected a little more out of her. Vishnu Manchu as Arjun is pretty good.


Despite a promising premise, Mosagallu lacks execution which makes it just about an average watch. Available on Amazon Prime.

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