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Money Heist
(Season 5 Volume 1)

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THE WEEKEND BIGGIE IS HERE!! As promised I worked overtime and finished watching Volume 1 of Season 5 and the last season of Money Heist on Netflix. I must admit that I was introduced to Money Heist the series pretty late, probably a week prior to Season 3. It was mostly out of peer pressure that I started watching it. The discussions that we had during our lunch hours in office to probably everyone else watching it lead me to start watching this series. What started off as a casual viewing soon turned into a compulsive one. With some outstanding characters that were etched out including one of my all time favourite characters The Professor whose idealogies(of life) I try to bring to my daily routine and which has helped me a lot to keep calm in difficult situations, there was this attachment that the show brought with it. And since then I have been a regular with all seasons. After the Nairobi Heartbreak from last season, I was curious to how The Professor and Team would close in on this heist. Well as Netflix really likes to tease the audience, it is out with just Volume 1 of the fifth and final season with Volume 2 out in December! So then does Volume 1 live up to the massive hype, lets find out!

Story & Screenplay

The season 5 Volume 1 of Money Heist picks up from the cliffhanger of the last season where it had last ended. And the heist continues… The story is yet again engaging and superbly penned. By now, the writers and makers are well aware of what the pulse of the audience is and they serve exactly that. Lets face it, we all have our own favourite characters and always root for them. Having said that, two of our most favourite characters were cruelly eliminated in the previous seasons – Berlin and more recently Nairobi. Which made me think that the writers aren’t afraid of bumping off some of the most popular characters. And so I was dreading the screenplay. I will not be spoiling any of the fun here so read on without any hesitation. The screenplay comprising of 5 episodes starts off on a slow note as was the case with other seasons as well. There is a consistent buildup to allow the audience to settle into the drama. By the buildup here is short lived unlike the previous seasons. While there are aplenty obstacles for the gang, it is fun to watch them countering them. One of the other reasons to fall in love with the show is that a group of underdogs go to any extent possible in taking on the establishment. And the writers cash in on this very USP yet again. The drama starts its ascend from the 2nd episode onwards with a lot of chaos that will keep your heartbeats racing and wanting for more. A few areas drag including some of the backstories but the drama ends yet again on a cliffhanger although a heartbreaking one. What began with hope ended with another heartbreak. And I will leave it there, another masterclass in screenplay writing!

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are outstanding and will keep you engaged throughout. Some of the iconic one-liners were a part of the show and here too some of the dialogues are expected to stick on! The music is fabulous and blends well with the drama. The BGM is pulsating and it really heightens the drama. The cinematography is outstanding capturing many iconic stills with a lot of style. The action sequences are extremely well designed. The director’s chair is this time shared by three prolific individuals – Jesus Colmenar, Alex Rodrigo and Koldo Serra. And the direction is indeed top notch! The storytelling technique is so fast paced that it keeps the audience on the edge of their seats! Simply Phenomenal!


The performances are outstanding! Pedro Alonso as Berlin(yes he is alive😉) is at ease in a well written extended cameo. So does Alba Flores as Nairobi(surprise surprise). Enrique Arce as Arturo the most hated character of our time is simply brilliant here as well. Darko Peric as Helsinki has his moments to shine! Rodrigo De La Serna as Palermo is simply prolific! Esther Acebo as Stockholm and Jaime Lorente as Denver are brilliant as ever with the latter especially excellent in a few combat sequences. Miguel Herran as Rio is pretty good in a slightly underwritten part. Najwa Nimri as Alicia was the surprise package for me considering how much she was able to dominate the character of The Professor and brilliantly portrayed. Ursula Corbero as Tokyo one of my favourite characters is probably the highlight of this season for me. The girl definitely steps up and does an excellent job. You will fall in love with her character by the end of it! Itziar Ituno as Raquel aka Lisbon looks very pretty and does a fabulous job. And my all time favourite The Professor essayed by Alvaro Morte looks like a million bucks for starters and he does a magnificent job. The best part about his character is that he us as vulnerable as you and me, yet he finds his way to crawl out of a tight spot every single time! And that is what makes the character special! He is shown to be limited here as way but halfway through he comes back to his elements. Expecting more from him in Volume 2.


The Season 5 Volume 1 of Money Heist is phenomenal yet again and Highly Highly Recommended! The heartbreak at the end leaves this show tantalizingly poised for Volume 2 which will be out on December 3rd 2021. I think we have a date. Until Then Bella Ciao Bella Ciao Bella Ciao…..

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