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Money Heist Season 3 2019 Crime Thriller Spanish Series Review

Money Heist (Season 3)

Sneha Bhat
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The release of season 3 in 2019 gave people much needed break and distraction. The theme of the song gave people a sense of camaraderie. In such circumstances the series was bound to gain a lot of viewership and it did. I know this for a fact that people avoided social media extensively so as not to be privy to any spoilers. But did the season 3 live up-to its huge expectations? Let’s find out.

The season starts on a very celebratory note and we get to see the whereabouts of our beloved robbers. They are having the time of their lives while incognito. They have chosen the most exotic of places as their respective hideouts and making the most of it, especially the couples. All is going well but then as always Tokyo doesn’t seem to appreciate things as they are. Just like always she is looking for trouble and trouble she brings. Separated from Rio, in a moment of weakness they use the black market acquired satellite phone, the signal of which is intercepted. This ultimately leads to Rio’s arrest. Feeling guilty and revengeful Tokyo contacts Professor. They met, contact others and plan a new Heist to secure Rio’s release.

New members on-boarded with expertise in areas crucial to the Heist. This Heist is more challenging in its own way, there are numerous issues to be dealt with. Medical operations/surgeries to be performed. Difference of opinions in the team. Welfare of hostages. And this new police officer Alicia Sierra who has expertise in psychologically weakening her opponent and is a total B*T*H. Plus to make matters worse, Arturo is back inside as hostage. Don’t ask how, you just have to watch and see his guts.

The actors as usual are perfect in every scene, however they do make your heart stop every now and then with unexpected twists and turns. There are many series out there who do not live up to the expectations especially if seasons are based on the same theme. But here even though Season 3 is another Heist, you will not get bored even for a second. It simply takes it to another level altogether. Like previous series it again ends on a cliffhanger and leaves many interpretations to be made by the viewer.

All in all Money heist season 3 comes back with a bang. Engages, angers and also makes you tear up. 

Bollywood ki bhasha main bole toh – Ekdum paisa vasool.

Disclaimer: The above review solely illustrates the views of the writer.

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