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Money Heist Season 1 and Season 2 Spanish Crime Thriller Review

Money Heist (Season 1 & 2)

Sneha Bhat
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I started watching Money heist purely due to peer pressure. All my friends during the 2020 lock down were watching it and raving about it. Unable to join in the discussions, I felt a bit left out and on a whim started to watch it. It was definitely love at first sight. No, not with the series. With the ahem Professor. Had I ever had such a professor in my life I would have been the best student ever. He has that impeccable quality which makes women go weak in the knees. He is handsome of course but not in that in-your-face handsome, but in a sweet unknowingly kind of way handsome. The shy handsome. His demeanor, together will that gaze, those seemingly old fashioned but oh-so sexy glasses, his dialogue delivery and his brilliant mind make him irresistibly likable. So much so that for the entire duration of the heist you actually are rooting for him and his team. 

OK, now coming out of Professor’s spell and into the series.

As the name explained, the context of the series was pretty much known. But what surprised me was that we jumped right int it from the first episode itself. I wanted to see at least the first 2-3 episodes dedicated to the preparation. But of-course thankfully the preparation part is captured in flashbacks in subsequent episodes. The best part of the MH is the names or aliases given to the participants of the Heists, chosen by themselves and based on countries. These names are now so popular that they are know through them both in reel and real life. Also the choice of the heist outfits and the Salvador Dali mask add wonderfully to the resistance theme of the series. Salvador was a major participant of the surrealist movement in the early 20th century. Surrealist movements have been often associated with rebellion. So, here our Heist heroes are a symbol for revolution, and showing their rebellion via their getup.

The Heist in itself is no cakewalk and many things so out of plan. Tensions run high, misunderstandings develop, cracks begin to appear among-st the team. Few over-smart hostages try various strategies to escape, a certain Mr Irritating Arturo. This even leads to some captures by the police. Professor who is out the Royal Mint has his own set of troubles. Apart from keeping a close eye on his team, he is also responsible for cleaning up some mess left behind and also confusing/seducing the lead investigator and her team who are beginning to uncover some secrets. Whilst he is away doing stuff and also getting caught his absence and silence turn things worse for the robbers.

But towards the end reign is back in Professors hand, things get heated up. There is just too much tension to finish up the task and escape. The team does manage to pull off the mighty Heist albeit not in the same scale as anticipated and with a lot of tear jerking sacrifices. The entire series will keep you on your toes. You will be tense, have a high heartbeat, get an adrenaline rush and at times cry out. There’s entertainment and then there’s Money Heist. A Masterpiece

The actors are all perfectly cast, do absolute justice to their roles and the character they have been assigned. But I do have some favorites, so here goes. 

1. Profession – This one is a no-brainer. There would be no Money Heist without him. What an actor. 

2. Denver – For only and only is Laugh. Hahahahahahahahah. Also, for the childlike innocence in him. 

3. Nairobi – What a queen. 

4. Berlin – You will have to watch till the end to see why. **crying while typing** 

5. Raquel – I know, I know she is on the opposite team but I think she is the best actress to have played a part opposite Professor. Their scenes together are sheer fireworks. Fire.

Overall, I would say every one should watch this series. Apart from being entertaining it teaches you that just because you are under pressure you need not buckle. And there is always a silver lining, you need to be smart enough to find it and fly. 

Una mattina mi son alzato 

O bella ciao, bella ciao, bella ciao, ciao, ciao 

Una mattina mi son alzato 

E ho trovato l’invasor 

O partigiano, portami via 

O bella ciao, bella ciao, bella ciao, ciao, ciao 

O partigiano, portami via 

Ché mi sento di morir

Disclaimer: The above review solely illustrates the views of the writer.

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