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Modern Love Season 2 English Romance Series Review

Modern Love (Season 2)


If you are a romantic kinda person and love being loved, then this show will make you happy and cheery throughout. Modern Love is based on long running weekly column in The New York Times. So after a success of Season 1, director John Carney came back with Season 2 which premiered on 13th August 2021. The beauty of the show lies in it’s sweet anthology consisting of different modern concepts where it has 8 episodes with 8 unusual stories.

Story and Screenplay

Episode 1 shows a story of woman who loves his late husband’s car, but is confronted with a difficult choice of selling it. Episode 2 is about a woman who meets love of her life, but faces a delayed sleep phase syndrome and so her life juggles between work and boyfriend who is a morning person. Episode 3 is a beautiful love story with strong connection and belief where two strangers meet on Dublin train and decides to go old school; no numbers exchanged, but only a promise to meet again at the same place after two weeks. Episode 4 is a common where a girl fall in love with her best friend, and is not sure to be friend zoned forever. Episode 5 is a story where a girl finds herself gay by playing quiz and every time finds herself asexual. But she falls in love with another girl in school and is afraid of accepting the fact. Episode 6 represents an unparalleled bond between spouses when they find out each other’s affair. Episode 7 is a first and last kinda date of two young men when they run into each other years later. The last episode is about two parents, who after being divorced for several years begin a casual fling and rekindle their old flame. Definitely a beautiful screenplay.

Dialogues, music and direction

It’s bit different and beautifully written script including honeyed dialogues and description of characters. Music is soothing with an amazing direction.


Well well well!!!!!!!! Again we can say that director aces here because of picking great cast. Favourite of all John Snow aka Kit Harrington is yet again looking sweet and sober giving some amazing performance. Where Gbenga, Briana, Susan, Lucy, Tom, Zoẽ, Maria, Minnie, etc. also did terrific work.


Like season 1, this season is also saccharine, graceful and loveable. It’s the show that you can binge anytime anywhere. Well it may slow down at some plots where story theme is common and usual, but definitely keeps you hooked.

Disclaimer: The above review solely illustrates the views of the writer.

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