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Modern Love Season 1 2019 English Romantic Comedy Series Review

Modern Love (Season 1)


Finding something sweet and loveable to watch this weekend?? Here’s a gist of some adorable short stories that will make your heart warm and calm. Modern Love is a collection of short stories where you’ll find love in all of its intricate and beautiful forms. Season 1 premiered its first episode on 18th October 2019 on Amazon prime video starring some notable actors like Jane Alexander, Emmy winner Tina Fey, Andy Garcia, Oscar winner Anne Hathaway, Dev Patel and John Slattery. It’s a co-production of Amazon Studios and New York Times where each episode has been inspired by the newspaper’s popular “Modern Love” column.

Story and Screenplay

Episode 1 shows a beautiful bond between a single book critic and her doorman following an unexpected pregnancy. Episode 2 is “Dating Love” where a journalist finds a different kinda spark in a dating app’s CEO eyes when he was recounting his story and asked him if he’s ever been in love? Well you’ll find how this conversation took a beautiful change in both of their lives. Episode 3 is a story of a woman who struggles with bipolar disorder and fails to find love between her highs and lows. Episode 4 is a rally to keep a relationship healthy and alive. So a young couple discovers that the future of their marriage may depend on how well they play the game and thus work together. Episode 5 is a story of an intermezzo of clarity where a promising date between a woman and worshipped ends at the hospital. Episode 6 is a twisted story where a young girl falls in love with her father, but wasn’t really her father. In episode 7 a hopeful gay couple meet an eccentric woman who is looking for adoptive parents for her baby leading to an unusual residential community. The last episode, Episode 8 is a story of a widow who falls in love with a charming widower, but wonders how a love follows a stroke of fate.

Dialogues, music and direction

John Carney aced the direction of these 8 different stories in a unique way. Well written dialogues blended perfectly with glorious story writing. It reveals many awkward wanting, unknowable moments of human emotion being lived out. There are some song and dance numbers too but are felt to be unnecessary.


Well the best part of the series is its cast. Highly acknowledged actors giving their incredible performance makes the story more real and exquisite.


Modern Love is charming, yet little uneven where most of the stories are heart-warming and cherish able, but some are bit jaggy and unparalleled.

Disclaimer: The above review solely illustrates the views of the writer.

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