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Mishan Impossible

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Onto the next release of the weekend and I finished watching the new Telugu film Mishan Impossible on Netflix. While the film had a theatrical run earlier in April, the OTT premiere was this weekend. But the main USP of the film which is why I was very excited to watch it was that this was the second outing of director Swaroop RSJ after Agent Sai Srinivas Athreya. For those of you who do not know, Agent Sai Srinivas Athreya was one of the best religious thrillers coming out of India, ofcourse with a dash of humour. And I was very excited to see how Swaroop fares in his second outing. And now that I have finished watching Mishan Impossible, here are my thoughts on it.

Story & Screenplay

Mishan Impossible follows the story of 3 ‘innocent’ kids who want to make it big in life. But their ‘innocence’ ensures that life has other plans for them. The story is good but one of the main drawbacks that you may encounter almost instantly is the sense of disbelief associated with it. You may term it as innocence but most of us would find it hard to believe considering how far fetched the subject is. And so to atleast give this film a watch, you will have to look past it. If you do, there are pockets of humour to ve enjoyed throughout the first half. While the screenplay begins on a wobbly but shocking note, the writing becomes a little more lucid as the film progresses. The introduction of the 3 protagonists and their dynamics and intellect make for an interesting and entertaining watch that will truly keep you glued. Some moments reminded me of the hilarious Jathi Ratnalu where the three protagonists are held up in a similar situation primarily due to their own doing. Also I really enjoyed several meta references of films which was refreshing to watch.

But then the curse of the second hour begins where there is a bit of a genre switch. While this half is consistently watchable, it is not as seamless as it was intended to be. The logic really goes for a toss and at times it is hard to keep up with the frivolous nature of the drama. There are atleast a couple convenient plot points which probably should have been sharply written and executed. But having said that, the final act is pretty good and hilarious too. Overall, a decently well penned screenplay which is frivolous but attempts to do something different.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are funny and they will ensure that you wear a smile throughout. The music is decent but the BGM is good and blends well with the drama. Director Swaroop RSJ does a pretty good job here although not as great as his last outing. But still he manages to maintain a grip on the narrative and ensures that the film does not lag anywhere.


The performances are pretty good. Rakshit Shetty adds a lot of star value here. His reference to KGF in response to RRR was hilarious. Taapsee Pannu as Shailja was a wonderful addition to this film. Not only does she look pretty but she does a stupendous job. All other actors are adequate but the show belonged to the three kids – Roshan, Bhanu Prakash and Jayateertha who play Raghupati, Raghav Rajaram almost a micro version of Jathi Ratnalu. The camaraderie between them is infectious and they ensure you have a good laugh throughout its runtime. All of them are brilliant to watch and have bright futurexin front of them.


Mishan Impossible is a frivolous film with a big heart which can be watched once. Available on Netflix.

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