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miracle in cell no 7 2013 korean movie

Miracle in Cell No. 7

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Ye-sung is a lawyer defending her late father for a crime he did not commit. While leaving the prison court due to the successful trial, Ye-sung notices a balloon being caught on barbed wire and thinks back about the past (flashback).

Back in 1997, 6 year old Ye-sung and her father, Yong-gu (who is mentally disabled with the brain of a 6 year old), have been wanting to buy a Sailor Moon backpack. However, the police commissioner and his daughter purchases it before Yong-gu could and beats him when trying to get it back. The daughter later tries to show Yong-gu another store selling the same backpack, but dies in an accident after slipping on a wet pavement and a brick dropping on her head.

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