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This was one movie that I had been patiently waiting for it to release in India. I had heard a lot of positive reviews about the film but unfortunately the release in India was delayed. Finally it was Mubi who had earlier procured the movie, decided to release it this weekend. This is a folklore horror just like Tumbbad and that is what has lured me to it. I find that the folklores have a lot of potential and if done correctly the end product would be a thing to look forward to. So then is Midsommar worth your time, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

Midsommar follows the story of a grief stricken young girl who makes a trip to Sweden with her friends to attend a summer festival that occurs once every 90 years. What follows next are a series of strange and disturbing events. The story is fabulous and really gives a strong aftertaste of the Swedish folklore followed by the cult. The screenplay is a slowburn. There are no jumpscares here and it takes it time to develop and almost maintains the same pace throughout. The treatment is niche and not meant for everyone. Also, the screenplay relies on imageries that leaves it upto the viewers to interpret it. There are several long scenes that are designed to involve you in the drama. So, you would be a bystander in the film too. And the horror element is more related to the body. A generous amount of body horror is used that would make you uncomfortable as the scenes get disturbing. And the climax will leave you shocked and dazed with you scratching your heads almost tempted to revisit it. But if you watch the film closely, you will understand that it makes perfect sense. In other words, an outstanding screenplay.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are minimal and leave a lasting impact. The music and BGM compliment the screenplay well. The film is really shot well, the cinematography is excellent. Director Ari Aster who had earlier directed the horror film Hereditary, has done an excellent job here. He has trusted the intelligence of the audience besides allowing them to be a part of the drama which is really amazing.


The performances are top notch with Florence Pugh as Dani leading the way. Such a complex character with so many layers and shades and she does an excellent job here. Each of her emotions are beautifully portrayed in this acting masterclass. All other actors are brilliant too.


Midsommar is a disturbing folklore with a right hint of horror. Available on Mubi and Highly Recommended.

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