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Mere Humdum Mere Dost 2014 Urdu Romantic Movie Review

Mere Humdum Mere Dost

Sana Patel
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Pakistani Shows growing popularity globally is due to their realistic and quick way of story – telling. They are usually anywhere between 20 to 30 episodes with a time span of 50 minutes per episode. They are mirror of our society, fully justifying the hypocrisy and double standards that we still live in.


The story revolves around a 20 year old Aimen who resides in a small town named Nawabshah with her ailing mother, Zainab in poverty. She is extremely soft spoken and respectful girl. Even though they struggle to make ends meet she is still content with her life. She has strong dislike towards her father (Taufeeq) for leaving her mother and herself behind for other woman when she was an infant. Zainab succumbs to death due to an illness leaving Aimen all alone. Before dying Zainab writes a letter to her husband, requesting him to take responsibility of Aimen if she is dies.

Taufeeq is surprised to receive a letter from Zainab about her ailing health while he is on his way to Turkey with his wife and son for his son’s college admission. To his dismay he finds out that Zainab has passed away. He calls up his business partner and friend ( Haider) and requests him to pick Aimen up from Nawabshah and look after her till his return. Aimen stays with Haider and his aunt at Haider’s place till the return of her father, who is now a very successful business tycoon in Karachi, Pakistan.

The new relationships that come in Aimen’s life form the crux of the story. How she deals with the hatred for her father, to accepting her step mother and brother. Haider plays a major role in boosting her confidence, pushes her to pursue post-graduation and grooms her. All the bitterness and anger she holds inside for life been unfair to her slowly starts fading. Haider starts developing feelings towards Aimen and feels guilty about it as he is not only sixteen years older to her but also Taufeeq is like a brother to him. Lot of drama unravels when Haider’s ex-wife returns with the hope to start a future with him again.


Story of two broken souls, gathering the courage to trust the world again. If you want to watch display of true emotions and innocence along with real life struggle and growth of two individuals, this is the drama for you.

Best Dialogue

Aisi Mohabbat jiska Izhar karne se khud ko bhi darr lagta hai, ( A love whose confession to self is also scary).

Star Cast

The casting is just perfect, Everyone is believable. Fantastic job in depicting the complexities of the characters. Aimen (Sanam Jung) and Haider ( Adnan Siddique ) are big names in the Pakistan industry and they deserve all the accolades and praises. The supporting characters all have very strong screen presence and did full justice to their roles.

Direction, Screenplay & Music

The drama is based on Farhat Ishtiaq’s novel of the same name. One of the finer adaptions in recent times from the writing to a heartwarming screenplay without losing essence of the characters. Director (Shahzad Kashmiri) is extremely well known for directing Path breaking dramas and keeps it real. The title track will get stuck in your head for its easy lyrics and simple composition. Through out the show the usage of music in the background is minimum and slow which helps you move forward with the story.

Disclaimer: The above review solely illustrates the views of the writer.

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