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Memoir of a Murderer 2017 Korean Thriller Movie

Memoir of a murderer

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After killing his abusive father as a teenager, Byeong-soo (Sol Kyung-gu) began to believe there were people who deserved to die. During his killing spree, he buried his victims in a bamboo grove that he bought. After killing a woman, he got into a car accident and injured his head, resulting in degenerative Alzheimer’s disease. He stopped killing, resumed his job as a veterinarian, and continued taking care of his daughter Eun-hee (Kim Seol-hyun).

Over the years, Byeong-soo’s condition worsens. Large chunks of memories are lost at increasing frequencies. After multiple visits to the local police station (as he forgot where he lives), Byeong-soo strikes up an unlikely friendship with local policeman Byeong-man (Oh Dal-su). At Eun-hee’s behest, Byeong-soo uses a recorder to maintain his routines. He types out everything he can remember into a memoir and saves it in his laptop. He also goes to a poetry class, where his poetic depictions of murders impresses his instructor and classmates, who believe they are metaphors. His classmate, Jo Yeon-joo (Hwang Seok-jeong), develops a crush for him, much to his annoyance.

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