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Meet the Parents 2000 English Comedy Movie Review

Meet The Parents

Chaitali Kshirsagar
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“Meet The Parents” (2000) is rom-com, remake to its first movie (same title) that came out in 1992, while I haven’t seen the very first from 1992, this one perfectly paved the way for its subsequent 2 sequel releases “Meet the Fockers” and “Little Fockers”. This 3 sequel series is one of my favorites and has a very high repeat value.

Story and Screenplay

“Meet The parents”, just as its name is a story about a couple Gaylord, a.k.a Greg Focker, a Nurse (played by Ben Stiller) and Pam Byrnes who is a Kindergarten Teacher( played by amazing – Teri Polo) who visits Pam’s parents to attend her sister’s (Debbie) Wedding. Greg is planning to propose Pam for marriage and just when he is about to pop the question, Pam gets a call from her sister inviting her to the wedding and Greg realizes from the conversation that, he has to make the right impression on Pam’s Dad – Jack Byrnes (played by very versatile Robert Di Nero) and take his approval in order to marry Pam. Jack Byrnes plays a retired CIA operative and is a perfectionist. From the moment Pan and Greg walks in to his parents’ house, Jack, has his CIA operative glasses on, trying to assess Greg’s and his intentions for Pam. Poor Greg, gets easily intimidated by Jack’s personality and is pressurized to impress Jack with everything. Jack gets his contacts activated for his covert operation to know more about Greg. What follows next is the series of hysterical, awkward moments between the Pam’s Family and Greg that are captured just perfectly and are hilarious. While there are no “jokes” happening amongst the characters, the writing and screenplay makes you have hearty laughs at almost every encounter that Greg is to face with Pam’s family. The plot is very relatable and depicted in a rib-tickling manner.


Robert Di Nero, without a doubt steals the show delivers the expectations just perfectly how you would imagine a tough ex-CIA operative and a possessive dad in a comic way. His body language, expressions are dialogue delivery is very apt. Ben Stiller as Gaylord Focker fits the bill perfectly; he has played the most simplistic character, the guy next door, loving and caring person. He also did receive the award for his best comic performance for the movie. Teri Polo is captivating in Pam’s character, the chemistry between Pam and Gaylord is idealistic and sweet. Pam’s mother Dina played by Blythe Danner hits the strings right as a mother to Pam. Owen Wilson as Kevin plays ex-boyfriend to Pam appears in a guest performance and adds meaning to the story. All the other character plays the right second fiddle. I wish there were more such conventional stories told with humor loaded galore.

My Take on the Movie

A classic and timeless comedy with a high repeat value, does not give a dull moment to its audiences. I rate is as a must watch, in case you haven’t already. Head to Netflix India to give this a try.

Disclaimer: The above review solely illustrates the views of the writer.

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