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Malaysia To Amnesia

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This week was rather dull with no new releases barring Maharani. And so I had to stick my neck out and do a little more research on any new smaller releases out this week. And so I came across this film which was a new release on Zee5. And so I went in without any expectations and I have just finished watching Malaysia to Amnesia on Zee5. Is it worth your time, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

Malaysia to Amnesia follows the story of a married man who is having an extramarital affair until a hilarious turn of events has him in a soup. The story is genuinely funny and has plenty of moments to make you smile. The screenplay is also filled with many funny moments(I haven’t revealed the exact story but that twist early on in the first half made me laugh my lungs out). The only problem is that things get repetitive in the second hour. The proceedings do slow down although they are watchable for sure. Also, the final twist should have been introduced a bit early on as the end seemed a little insipid. But the screenplay is decently well written.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are funny and will definitely make you chuckle. The BGM and music are decent. Director Radhamohan has done a decent job. Probably a better edit in the second hour could have reduced the flab a bit.


Riya Suman as Bhavana looks gorgeous and shines in a cameo. Vani Bhojan as Suja is first rate. Karunakaran as Prabhu does manage to tickle your funny bone more than once. M S Bhaskar as Mannaru has impeccable comic timing that is on full display here. Vaibhav Reddy as Arun has done a decent job, quite enjoyable.


Malaysia to Amnesia is a good timepass comedy that will make you chuckle throughout its runtime. Available on Zee5.

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