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A few days back I had reviewed the Tamil Black Comedy Madhu Vadarala which just blew my mind. The movie just showed to what extent this particular genre can be explored. Well this week I happened to watch another one in the same genre, Maanagaram. Is it worth your time..lets find out.

Maanagaram follows four different stories of four different people from different walks of life only to be linked loosely with one another. Confused? That is the theme really- Confusion. And the story is a good one. The screenplay for such films is usually the tricky part because it is easy to fail and mess up the drama. But here it is excellently penned that maintains the tempo throughout and keeps you invested in the drama. The dialogues are good, so is the music. Director Lokesh Kanagaraj(who had directed Kaithi *after* this film) has done a fabulous job! His main USP is creating characters and playing around with them(like in Kaithi) and he just nails the black comedy genre!

Madhusudhan as PKP definitely has good screen presence. Munishkanth is fabulous and provides the much needed comic relief to the drama. Charlie as the cab driver is earnest. Regina Cassandra(you might have been her in World Famous Lover) looks so pretty and has done a fine job. Sundeep Krishnan(seen in Shor In the City) is absolutely kickass here. But my pick of the lot is Sri who is sincere, looks innocent and has such a layered character. Yet, at the end his character reaches a boiling point and explodes! Wonderful acting!

Maanagaram moves at a breakneck pace and that is why it requires a bit of your attention so that you don’t miss any of the drama. But, it is yet another display of effective story telling. Fan of the genres will embrace it! Available on Amazon Prime and Highly Recommended!

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