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Maa Kasam (1999) - A Cringe fest

Jeetu Kotai Blog Writer
Jitendra Kotai

I got attracted to this movie’s title because “Maa Kasam ” was a phrase that was used frequently in Gully Cricket to overturn the umpires decision in my playing days. A batsman would either say “Maa Kasam Nahi laga edge ” or “Maa Kasam LBW nahin hai” and the opposite team had to take their word because if the Kasam is eaten (Khaya hai) wrongly it was believed it could be fatal to Maa. That was quite a serious concern.

A personal incident when a teetotaler friend drank Vodka with me , he found it so delicious that he gulped down a few glasses but “Maa Kasam Nahin Piya” didn’t work for him as the squint in his eyes gave it away and his wife said “Pehle apni aankhen theek kar Lo.”

10 Why should you watch this movie that will remind of you of the last time you had loose motions ?

1) Maa Kasam is a run of the mill revenge story where Mithun’s sister is raped by the Thakur (Hemant Birje ) and Mithun takes Maa Kasam to take revenge. Sadly Maa is not shown , it is just a verbal kasam. Thakur’s Jija is a greater villian – Bad Man Gulshan Grover plays Acharya who regularly calls dancers to his house and they do vulgar dances while he plays music. 

2) The acting is next level cringe. All the actors Ham it up to highest level. Only Mithun is bearable . We have Asrani playing Mithun’s friends and a great artist like Veeru Krishnan is used for homophobic jokes and just to be slapped around. 

3) Mithun is in love with Mink Brar who is the younger sister of the Thakur who raped his sister. Mink Brar was 16 years old in 1999 if her Wikipedia age is correct and Mithun Da was 49 years old. Yet they have three romantic songs in the movie. Creepy ? 

4)The Songs are next level cringe .. Gulshan Grover wants to marry Mink Brar and before the wedding there is a song with an item dancer The Lyrics ” Dekha jo Padosan ka Chaubara Khali, Dheere se Buddhe ne Khatiya Laga Lee” 

5) Mithun sings to Mink “Aankhen hai Teri badi badi, ghoore hai mujhko Ghadi Ghadi, Jab tune aankh mujhe Mari, main samjha meri Nikal padi” Mithun accidentally buys wrong sized clothes for his sister as he still thinks that she is a bachi to which Mink says to Mithun “Tumhe andaza nahin ki aurat zaat kitni jaldi badi ho jaati hai” 

6) The central plot is the rape, This Thakur guy (Hemant Birje )was shareef and Mink tells him to drop Mithun’s sister home because “Raat hone Wali hai aur usse Akele Jane mein Darr Lag raha hai.” .They nicely walk in the Jungle until a Kaanta Laga moment happens and he removes the kaanta , while removing the kaanta he happens to see the girl’s legs and that ruins it . He gets so aroused that he makes her lie on a fallen tree and does the most uncomfortable rape in Hindi cinema . I mean Ped pe letake rape is next level And then just like Bulla’s sister she dies immediately after the rape and becomes Khamba from Maachis ki Teeli.

7) A question that kept me awake was – why was she walking barefoot in the Jungle ? Mithun was a police inspector and yet he didn’t buy her a basic Hawai Chappal ? 

8) Gulshan Grover attempts to rape Mink Brar in her own house. He is her Jija and her father arranges her marriage with Bad Man to save his son.. Gullu says lines like “Jija Sali mein to yeh sab chalta hai , Jaldi Kapde Utar , Mujhe meeting mein Jaana hai, Late ho raha hoon” 

9) Mithun kills all the Thakurs one by one and even all the policemen who helped the Thakurs but before that he dies and gets resurrected. 

10) Yes, he dies and he is taken to the Shamshaan Ghat and everyone is chanting Ram Nam Satya hai, Mink is breaking her bangles and Gulshan Grover is so happy that he slaps Mithun’s friend and he falls on the giant Kaali Maa ki murti in the Samshaat Ghat and the holy water flies in a Lota and Mithun’s dead body coincidentally drinks that water and comes to life. He kills Gulshan Grover with that magical lota. Making Lota marks all over his face.

Not to be confused with Maa Kasam (1985) starring Mithun and Ranjeet . I will review that on another gloomy day to make you laugh.

Disclaimer: The above review solely illustrates the views of the writer.

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