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Lucifer Season 6 2021 English Thriller Series Review

Lucifer (Season 6)

Neha Unadkat
4.5 Star popcorn reviewss


And one of the most awaited series is finally here.. I am sad that it’s the last season of Lucifer and smile doesn’t leave my face thinking of how unexpectedly it turned out. I personally liked creativity of writers and directors in this series and was waiting to see how and what more they can do after the last season. Season 6 is a perfect blend of out of the box writing, some mind boggling stories, loads of drama and much more…


Trust me, this season has it all.. You will laugh and cry at the same time. I am very sure no one could have predicted this storyline. We all know the ending of season 5 with Lucifer winning the Angel war to become the ultimate power- GOD. This season starts with Chloe and Lucifer spending last few moments together on earth before they permanently go to heaven. And just when they think everything is going to be fine, there are few more twists and turns. Lucifer has always been skeptical if he can handle the responsibilities of being a GOD and hence kept on delaying the coronation. But the time came when he had to decide what he wants. In the process of finding his true worth to be GOD, Lucifer tries to help others who he doesn’t care about and eventually starts caring about them. One such person is Carol, remember the guy Dan was going to introduce Ella with. 

One of the most funniest episodes of season 6 is when Lucifer and Chloe are cartoon characters in a hell loop of a criminal they were trying to help. With introduction of new characters (sorry, won’t say who is it, as it will spoil the essence of the story), Ella finding about the celestial family, beautiful love life of Maze and Eve, Linda and Amenadiel’s family, world almost coming to an end, Lucifer and Chloe’s sacrifices; this season has it all. An episode where Lucifer kinda gives tribute to everyone he knows was admirable and heartfelt. It depictes that it’s good to sometimes appreciate the people we know. The statement that’s stuck in my head after this season is, ” We always have a choice and Fate is result of the choices we make.” It’s too deep and powerful if thought about. Just binge watch this season and I promise you won’t be disappointed.


I will definitely miss Tom Ellis 🥲 Words will fall short to describe how amazing Lucifer is. Lesley- Ann Brandt as Mazikeen’s is the best friend and bounty hunter anyone can imagine. I think Lauren German as Chloe Decker had her best performance in this series. My personal favourite after Tom Ellis is D.B.Woodside as Amenadiel. Such a calm composed person.. It felt good to see him on screen everytime. Other supporting characters; Kevin Alejandro as Dan, Aimee Garcia as Ella Lopez, Rachael Harris as Linda, Inbar Lavi as Eve with their performances were just perfect on screen. If I was asked, I wouldnt have changed a single character in the entire series.

Direction & Screenplay

As a Lucifer fan, I wouldn’t have been able to imagine a perfect wrap of the series. It was just spectacular to see how beautifully stories of all the characters reached a happy ending with utmost respect. Hats off to Tom Kapinos and Joe Henderson for not disappointing the fans. The only thing which I wished to see more was Charlie ( Linda and Amenadiel’s son). He was the only character who was shown just in the last episode and not in the entire season.


I am sure there cannot be any series like Lucifer anytime in the future. It was a perfect Good-Bye to the devil and the series wrap truly fulfilled its fans desire of a unique and perfect ending!!

Disclaimer: The above review solely illustrates the views of the writer.

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