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Lucia 2013 Kannada Romantic Thriller Movie Review


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There are two main roles, one that is played out in the dream, and the other one, in reality, called respectively Nikhil and Nikki. The plot starts with the protagonist being in a state of coma and continuing only on life support. The film, from the beginning, tells two stories of the same person, one in colour and the other in black and white.

Sanjay, a detective from the Mumbai police Crime Branch starts investigating the incident that caused the protagonist’s (Sathish Ninasam) current state. While Sanjay is going through the protagonist’s belongings he stumbles upon some scribbled notes and a mysterious pill. Meanwhile, the police capture two suspects and interrogate them. 

The story starts with Nikki in a village near Mandya, working as an usher/”torch-shiner” in a Bengaluru movie theatre owned by Shankranna (Achyuth Kumar). Nikki has insomnia and yearns for a companion. On one of his sleepless nights, Nikki is contacted by a drug dealer who gives him Lucia pills as a solution to his sleeping problems. This drug is said to have the capacity to help one dream the life they want but has the side-effect that upon discontinuation the same dreams turn into nightmares.

With the help of the Lucia pills, Nikki starts seeing himself as being a successful actor called Nikhil surrounded by people he knows in the real world. Film actor Nikhil’s life is depicted in black-and-white. Shankranna, the owner of the theater where Nikki works, had starred in a film in his youth funded by the leader of some goons who now want Shankranna to sign off his theatre for his debt. More events from the dream are followed by similar events in reality as Nikki falls in love with Shwetha (Sruthi Hariharan) who is a model in the dream and a waitress in reality. 

In the dream, Nikhil and Shwetha hit it off easily at the beginning but later friction arises when Nikhil expresses his discontent about Shwetha working in the film industry. Meanwhile, in reality, Nikki struggles to win Shwetha’s heart, who rejects him first due to his low salary but later falls for his humble character. Shwetha’s attempts to get Nikki educated and lead him to find a better paying job turns out to be futile and also result in the death of Shankranna in the hands of goons. Frustrated, Nikki chooses to leave Shwetha and continue to work in the theatre, despite the threats. Nikki redecorates the theatre and releases Shankranna’s film to the audience. He later reconciles with Shwetha, who agrees to marry him.

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