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With the WTC underway, there have been very few other releases. And to be fair that was the wise thing as well, not releasing content when the entire country is glued to their TV sets. But since we at Popcorn Reviewss have our shop open, we will try and squeeze two new reviews today. And firat up I have just finished watching the animation film Luca on Disney Plus Hotstar. Even though I am a fan of animation as a genre, I realised that I haven’t being reviewing many. And so this might probably be a start(oh wait I had reviewed Soul) of many more. So then, is Luca worth your time, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

Set in Italy, Luca is the story of a sea monster who wishes to explore the world, whereas he is only encouraged to stay put in an area more familiar to him. As is with all Disney films, the story is sweet and heartwarming. The screenplay is taut standing at just under 100 minutes(which helped me finish the movie in time before the match). And the screenplay is a high concept one without revealing any spoilers. It just amazes me as to how well does a human tale or tendency find its way into a Disney Movie. It makes me think of it being a culture of sorts to explore high concept tales and carefully integrating them and wrapping them up in a human tale. So beautiful and heartfelt! The screenplay will definitely find you smiling throughout and almost feel the freedom and happiness in times of gloom which we find ourselves in. And is it even a Disney movie if you do not shed a tear or two? The end does just that. It will leave you with tears of joy and also providing a lesson or two on friendship.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are extremely well penned and they leave a lasting impression. The BGM is beautiful and compliments the drama perfectly. A word on the animation which is brilliant as usual. Director Enrico Casarosa has done a fantastic job. The emotions which he is able to bring to the drama is just so beautiful.


The voiceovers are just perfect! Emma Berman as the voice if Giulia is vibrant! Jacob Tremblay who lends his voice to Luca brings a certain sense of innocence to the character. His partner in crime Jack Dylan Grazer who voices Antonio is just as good. Together the two of them create magic!


Luca is sweet and heartwarming tale that will leave you with a smile on your face along with tears of joy. It is another winner from Disney. Available on Disney Plus Hotstar(Premium) and Highly Highly Highly Recommended!

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