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Love at First Sight

Farhad Dalal
Farhad Dalal
3.5 Star popcorn reviewss


Onto the next release of this decently quiet weekend and I am onto some of the leftovers. With that, I finished watching the new Netflix film Love At First Sight! Since today was a lazy kind of a holiday for me, I preferred to watch something which was light and breezy, content which I don’t really have to apply my brains or overtly analyze the moves of the screenplay or its characters. Every now and then, I prefer to simply put my feet up and enjoy content just for fun without having to dissect it completely. On opening Netflix, the title ‘Love At First Sight’ popped up and one glance at its premise made me want to watch it straight away. So then, does Love At First Sight manage to impress, lets find out.

Story & Screenplay

Based on a novel titled ‘The Statistical Probability Of Love At First Sight’, Love At First Sight follows the story of two strangers who bump into each other at the airport and eventually fall in love. But will fate bring them together after all? The story here is simply but told through such conviction that you can’t help but fall in love with the characters and root for their budding love story. The screenplay standing at a tender runtime of just 90 minutes makes for a brisk watch which is breezy and light-hearted while continuing to be quietly charming right throughout.

The first thing that made me interested in the drama was its setting. A love story originating from an airport can never go wrong, simply because the airport is one of those places where you get to meet people from different origins and cultures and a totally believable place to find your soulmate(atleast as seen through various Rom-Coms across languages). So, you are introduced to one of the two protagonists who happens to miss her flight, only to be left with an option to board the next one. The writers tactfully provide some of her character traits which are quite goofy and quirky while deep inside she has been carrying a mountain of pain. Cut to the other protagonist, belonging to about the same age demographic but diabolically opposite to his ‘soon to be’ better half in terms of the characteristics. Soon, the two meet and sparks fly, but for how long?

The proceedings are engrossing and interesting with the writers laying a frothy foundation to the drama which did have its soul similar to the Before Sunrise series. It is always a pleasure watching two strangers form a bond and often you are witness to an organic love story which is contagious in many ways with respect to the warmth and the conversations that are exchanged between the couple. The light hearted drama here is met with a few subtler twists of fate which can be termed as creative liberties but it did put a wide smile on my face.

The emotions(along with umpteen statistics) are absolutely on point to make for a nice little romantic drama that tingles with your heart. The slight downside can be attributed to its rushed final act where things felt a tad too simplistic. But taking nothing away from the journey of the two protagonists wherein I was thoroughly invested in them while rooting for their reunion at the end. Overall, the screenplay is breezy and definitely had my heart full by the end of it.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are conversational but make for an indulgent watch in a very good way. The music and BGM enhance the viewing experience by gently tugging the strings of your heart. The cinematography is incredibly good capturing some breathtaking frames wonderfully well. The editing is crisp and sharp. Director Vanessa Caswill beautiful weaves a breezy little love story with a wide range of emotions that would make you tear up at certain junctures. The direction was pretty good here.


The performances are top notch here by the ensemble cast. Katrina Nare as Charlotte and Rob Delaney as Andrew have their moments to shine. Jameela Jamil who plays cupid and appears in multiple characters will put a smile on your face. But the show belongs to the two protagonists Ben Hardy and Haley Hu Richardson who shine as Oliver and Hadley respectively. Both of them are quietly charming and exchange a lot of warmth through their conversations, and contributing to some crackling chemistry between the two.


Love At First Sight is a breezy little romantic drama that will put a wide smile on your face. My heart was full by the end of it. Available on Netflix.

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