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Love AT 5th Floor

Farhad Dalal
Farhad Dalal
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Time and again, we at Popcorn Reviewss strive to give a voice to budding filmmakers. This is a part of our little stretch where we go an extra mile and cover content across the web which is lesser known. With that I finished one of the webseries last night titled Love At 5th Floor streaming on MX Player. There has been absolutely no publicity around it and that is when I decided to give this series a try. On researching a bit on the series, I got to know that this has travelled to many festivals. But having it stream on MX Player meant that it would definitely slip under the Radar considering that MX Player as an OTT platform has a reputation of being a dumping ground. So then is Love At 5th Floor worth your time, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

Love At 5th Floor follows the story of three women who have their own set of challenges in their respective lives. The story is real and refreshing which unfolds almost like a slice of life drama. You can almost make out that the series is made of a shoe string budget because you can make out from the production design. But to pull off an engaging tale here, the makers must be applauded! The screenplay comprising of just 5 episodes of roughly 20 odd minutes means you can finish off the series in a single go.

The screenplay here is layered. While it opens with the introduction of the three female protagonists and their issues, you still aren’t able to understand what exactly their issues are. There are subtle hints thrown in here and there which get clearer with every passing episode. The premise is really good and I found it engaging thereby exceeding my expectations. The issue which I had with the series was the resolution. It almost seemed like the budget was exhausted as the series ended with one liners about each character rather than showing on how they ended up in a certain manner, maybe through a couple of episodes of self discovery. Another minor drawback for me was that there was little to no common ground between all characters.

But the drama here definitely seems real with any elements of melodrama. You are invested in the characters upto an extent where some characters may even seem to be relatable. There is no unnecessary gloss and glam and the writer needs to be applauded for keeping the story grounded in reality. A couple of plot points are shocking and something which I did not see them coming, summing up the series to be an engaging one-time watch.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are conversational and that adds to the authenticity of the drama. The BGM is sparingly used making this a rather immersive experience to an extent. Director Aditi Banerjee has done a pretty good job in weaving an engaging tale despite the budget crunch.


The performances are quite good here. Kafeel Jafri and Vaibhav Deep Chopra have their moments to shine. Nikshu Dikshit is pretty good as well. I really enjoyed the performance of Vivek Kumar who was really good here. Virginia Rodrigues had an interesting conflict to her character and she presence demands every bit of your attention. Rachna Gupta oozes of innocence and is such an affable character that you start empathizing and investing in her character with every passing episode. She does a phenomenal job. And the ever reliable Dilnaz Irani is well measured in her performance. It was so easy to go overboard with her character but she is brilliant in controlling her emotions and not going fully overboard. She is quite fabulous to watch onscreen.


Love At Fifth Floor is a real and an engaging drama which can be watched once. Available on MX Player.

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