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Love (1991)-Roast Blog

This movie was Kabir Singh before Arjun Reddy was even a concept. Bhai’s love is so strong it’s basically toxic. Bhai is always sad and stares at kids playing cricket. Some guy is mean to the kids and calls bhai a murderer. He also says bhai’s mum was a hoe in front of the kids. Bhai obviously beats the shit out of him. This entire sequence was only to establish bhai as a troubled orphan. 

Love 1991 Roast Blog 3

How they fell in love?

Revathi and bhai meet because she wants to test if her pen has red ink or blue, so she throws it at bhai and spoils his shirt. Even the matrix didn’t use the red and blue as well as he did. They then keep meeting at random spots in the general Colaba area and bhai saves a beggar woman from being harassed on the street. He has anger management issues which the director plays off as a great character trait. If he doesn’t like something he starts beating it. Revathi is bubby. That’s all the personality they give her. Before they fall in love bhai tells her how sad and lonely he is because his mum killed herself horrifically because his dad was a drunk and cheat and then bhai kills the dad because the dad was laughing and pouring alcohol on the mum’s body. They basically did everything to justify patricide.

Bhai’s been to jail and back, but loves music and is sentimental. Revathi’s family is the opposite. Super nice dad and strict, but fair mum and a nice sister who is of no significance until the end.
Amjad Khan plays bhai’s singing teacher and surrogate parent. After bhai humiliates the mum at a function by singing the national anthem? he almost loses Revathi. Then he tries to apologise to the mum, but she calls him a murderer and his mum a hoe then gets him arrested. However, since being in love is a free pass in this movie, the police let him go even though he broke into someone’s home. Coincidently, the police officer was also Amjad Khan’s student. Such a small world.

Love 1991 Roast Blog 3
Amjad Khan walks into the girl’s house with bhai’s rishta uninvited, takes chai and doesn’t introduce himself. He even pulls our paan parag and alcohol so her mum kicks him out. Bhai loses it and breaks everything in front of him. Somehow no one, except Revathi’s mum realises that this is psychotic behaviour and forbids the marriage. Everyone else though thinks she’s the villain because she cares about her daughter. Bhai actually kidnaps the mum and leaves her in the middle of the jungle without money for “revenge” and everyone, including her husband, is laughing. The woman could have died, but since bhai is in love he has an excuse to be a piece of shit and people will love him for it.
She locks Revathi up, who finally manages to see bhai on Christmas and they decide to get married. The mum gets her cousin to kidnap Revathi, but the sister tells bhai where she is because bhai threatens  THE SCHOOL GIRL with a knife to her throat. Revathi tries to jump out of a window and the glass pierces her. She almost dies because she was obsessed with self-medicating and kept eating whatever pill she sees an ad for. She’s even pronounced dead, but bhai threatens her dead body so she comes back. Also, bhai won some singing competition before all this so now he’s a singer?
Love 1991 Roast Blog

Moral of the story: don’t self medicate because you may have to jump out of a window someday? I don’t know. My brain is fried.

Disclaimer: The above review solely illustrates the views of the writer.

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