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Looop Lapeta

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Bollywood and its love affair with remakes continues. 2022 may just be that kind of a year where we as an audience may need to look past the fact that there are several remakes lined up, rather look at how well or not remakes will turn out to be. So the latest entry to the remake club is the new Hindi film Looop Lapeta on Netflix which is the official adaptation of the German film Run Lola Run. Now it has been almost a decade since I had watched the original and luckily for Loop Lapeta I had just a fleeting memory of what Run Lola Run was. So then is Looop Lapeta worth your time, lets find out.

Story & Screenplay

Looop Lapeta follows the story of a Savi who must save her boyfriend after he loses a gangster’s cash, only that she is stuck in a time loop herself. The story is interesting but if you are privy to the original then you would know exactly where this is headed. The films involving time loop do get interesting anyway as they add a layer of complexity to the script at the concept level. Even recently with films like Maanaadu, a simple story had those added layers due to the concept of a time loop. The screenplay here is the interesting bit. It is filled with dark humour which is quirky and delicious. If you remember the original, it was a taut 80 minute film but here the screenplay is fleshed out. This may have to do with allowing the Indian audience to sink into the time loop concept. So we do have a buildup about how the protagonists get into their situation, ofcourse in the most quirky manner. The film begins extremely well with fast cuts and quirky camera angles which just set the mood right. The vibe is great and you know that you are in for a fun ride. One hour into the film, the drama just loses its way a bit. I feel one reason was a character too many in the drama that just added to the confusion that wee bit. But the film gets back on track in the final 30 minutes and ends on quite a high. The subplots are interesting and some of them hilarious as well. So overall, a good adaptation of the original.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are quirky and they definitely make you chuckle. I feel the music is highly underrated here. The soundtrack is outstanding and refreshing and in fact enhances the drama to an extent. The BGM is brilliant and keeps the momentum of the drama intact. The cinematography and editing deserve distinction marks for making the film whacky and fast paced. The colour grading is bright giving the drama a fresh look. Director Aashish Bhatia had an uphill task at hand. Firstly he was dealing with an iconic film. It could so easily have been a frame by frame remake. But he took up the difficult part of adapting it. The setting of the bylanes of Goa just add to the vibe. The mythological references are brilliantly integrated. And he is also able to add his own elements to the drama(a gay parent being one of them), making it immensely watchable. An effort which must be lauded!


The performances are quite brilliant. KC Shankar as Atul Borkar is pretty good with an interesting character. Sameer Kevin Roy as Jacob is such a natural onscreen and it was a pleasure watching him here. Rajendra Chawla as Sri Mamlesh has his comic timing on point here. Manik Papneja is excellent as Appu. One of my favourite characters was Raghav Raj Kakker as Gappu. He definitely made me laugh and his performance was outstanding. Shreya Dhanwanthary as Julia does a commendable job in an extended cameo. Dibyendu Bhattacharya as Victor is amazing to watch. Tahir Raj Bhasin as Satya is in tremendous form. This is his 4th release in almost 40 days and 4 distinctly different characters to pull off. He is brilliant here and everytime he is onscreen, he sets it on fire! Taapsee Pannu as Savi looks very pretty and is fantastic here. Her character maintains the momentum of the film and it is her presence which drives the drama. Terrific acting!


Looop Lapeta is a wonderfully eccentric adaptation of the original film Run Lola Run. It starts off extremely well, loses its way in the middle but again comes back on track towards the end. Definitely worth a watch! Available on Netflix.

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